Batting 1000…

Ok, I tried three different times to get a picture of a design up, and no bananas. Computers and I have a tenuous relationship, at best. Businesses are starting to ask me about my website now too. Website? What website? I have no idea what to do or how to even begin to make one, other than this blog thing, and I fell into that by accident. Anyone with any suggestions (cheap suggestions) would be most welcome!

I thought we would be going to California for the holidays this year, but I found out from a friend that we are not coming down. How did that go, you wonder? Well, when we left my mom’s last month, I kept saying to everyone that I would see them in December, but it turns out, my mom told her friend who told her daughter, who is my friend, that she is not bringing us down. No biggie, but I wish I had heard it from her instead of through the interminable grapevine.

This afternoon I played renegade mama, and let the kids make a big mud-bog in the backyard flower beds. They wanted to fill the kiddie pool up so badly, and while it’s still warm here, I hardly think 68 degrees warrants a swim. The compromise was the hose. They each had their own hose, and they made sticky, ooey mud for about an hour and a half, while I read the paper in the sun at the picnic table. They were a wet, muddy mess when DFM got home, but they were happy. Jeffrey’s shoes may not recover from this one, or at least it may be easier to just get a new pair.

I had a lovely, humiliating experience at the natural-foods market downtown this week too. My favorite auntie called on my birthday to say that there was a gift certificate waiting for me there, and to go enjoy myself on her and my cousin’s behalf. Cool! It’s a store I love, but really cannot afford to do much shopping at, so I was excited. DFM and I even got a baby-sitter so we could dawdle and enjoy ourselves while we shopped (how depraved is that?). So we are in the store, with our cart, and I ask at the service desk about the gift certificate waiting for me. They don’t know what I am talking about. OK, so what do I do? I am concerned that my aunt paid for this quite generous gift certificate, and they do not have it for me. Plus, we are in the store, cart of food and goodies…so I call my cousin, who is the only one reachable. I catch her at work (where she has to be very professional) and explain the situation. She tells me she never ordered it. I feel like the biggest ass in the universe, not only for trying to convince the store manager that there really is a gift certificate for me, but for essentially calling my cousin at work and asking her for my birthday present. And now my cousin has not returned my phone call. How cool am I? I’m feeling super cool right about now!

4 thoughts on “Batting 1000…

  1. What the heck was that about. A little miscommunication between cool aunt and cousin? Have you got it settled yet?

  2. Cousin and I got it together. Life just gets away. She is awsome and I love her and we all get life a little tangled up sometimes, so all is well. And sometimes I AM super cool! 😉

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