Who Would Do Such A Thing?

Today I heard an abomination on the radio. I was in the car on my way to grocery store, and I changed the station, and there was a song on that was immediately familiar, yet somehow so very wrong. Some band, I don’t know who, has covered a Pink Floyd song. Why, oh why, would any impudent young narcissist think they had the cajones or the chops or the whatever, to cover Floyd??

Oh, there are many, many bands over the years that tinker with the idea- that may jam and play around with the sound, but to actually put it to tape and release it as a single?? I don’t even know where to begin with how many reasons that is just wrong! You don’t rewrite a Mozart aria, or a Shakespeare sonnet, or re-blow a Chiluly glass… you just don’t do it! Some art achieves perfection on its own, it stands alone, as a glorious masterpiece of the human soul and of human creativity. For one thing, all Pink Floyd albums are complete works. You cannot pick out a “song”! There aren’t any! They all roll into one another, meant to be taken as a master whole, and listening to one track only to have it end, leaves the mind trailing off into the melody, looking for more, waiting for the next part. Why do you think they have gotten so little radio play over the years, other than The Wall ?? Would you listen to only the 2nd movement from the Jupiter symphony then call it a day? @&*% NO!

I am flabbergasted, and I don’t even know what to say. I am totally disturbed. I even called DFM at work from the car to tell him what I heard, and he laughed, said he heard it too. (He agrees with me, by the way) The sick thing is, DFM said, some people think it’s cool, since it’s more radio-friendly Floyd. I am cringing as I even type the words. Oh hell. This really must be the end times.

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