Bovine Emergencies

(Heather O. over at Mormon Mommy Wars wrote a nice post about my site this morning… It’s so cool when I find out people are actually reading this! I sit and spill my crazy mind between changing diapers, wiping noses and uncontrollable bouts of morning sickness, and someone actually thinks what I say is interesting! Hoo-Ha!)

Today was the Halloween party at Jeffrey’s school, and I think all preschool teachers deserve medals during the holidays. I can’t even handle two sugar-whacked kids, let alone a class of twenty. Today the teachers eyes had that glassy crazed-over look when she brought Jeff out to the car, and I really felt for her. Jeffrey went to school as a cow, courtesy of Costco and their marked-down costumes on Monday, and was disappointed that none of the girls were cowgirls. He had spilled chocolate milk all down the front of the suit, and was unzipped halfway, a-la Elvis, as he buckled himself into his booster. (It really is a happy day when they can get in and out of their seats by themselves.)

We were on the way home from school when I see he is doing the “potty-dance” in his seat, and he starts to squeal that “it’s coming!”, we are no where near a bathroom, and when I think of pee mixed with the chocolate milk, I start to feel ill. So I pull over on a sidestreet, grab an empty McDonald’s cup from the floor, unbuckle him and unzip the Elvis cow suit the rest of the way. He was soooo impressed with my ingenuity, and I am afraid he thinks this is the new cool thing to do, but I was desperate. Does this make me a bad mom? I tried not to think of what was sloshing around in the cup for the rest of the way home. Sometimes being a mom is so gross.

7 thoughts on “Bovine Emergencies

  1. I always have an empty water bottle in the car when these times occur. (Almost happened today, too! 😉 AEM

  2. try having to go into an open coke can while the car is moving and your mother telling you not to miss.

    love, t

  3. Oh that’s rich! I laughed out loud for that one! My 3yo has had moments like that, if only you knew some of the places I’ve let him pee….for instance at the mall…For the longest time he was afraid of the self flushing toilets and would simply REFUSE to pee in them. The super savy mom that I am…I noticed that the bathrooms had drains in the floor in at least one of the stalls. So, I convinced him that it was okay to pee in the drain- just like in the shower. Mall custodians every where are hating me, but he really HAD TO pee!

  4. Your son is impressed with your ingenuity? I’M impressed with your ingenuity! No mess, no pee on the costume OR the car seat? Sounds like good mothering to me!

  5. genius! I’m of the “point them away from traffic and hope for the best” party myself, but only in moments of emergency. Extra cups are on my shopping list now. Heather, I’m feeling you on the automatic toilets, my son makes us cover the sensor with our hand until he is done and out of the stall. And they have one in his classroom so his teacher walks him to the other side of the school, she’s a saint!!

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