Trunk or Treat or Not

Last night was the trunk-or-treat at our ward. We got dressed, packed and loaded up in the car and then it just pooped out at the bottom of our driveway. Kaput. Nothing. Would not start to save the day, and the only other vehicle we have is DFM’s pickup-truck; there is no room for two carseats, Daddy and a pregnant Mama in the cab of the truck.

Time to make a decision: who gets to go? Well, it really wasn’t hard, since DFM is on the activities committee (he-he!) and Jeffrey is the only one who really understands what the whole Halloween-candy-sugar-thing is, so Eric and I went back in the house and Dad and Jeff loaded in the truck and took off.

Eric absolutely would not put on his tiger costume- we tried, but he screamed as if we were amputating his legs, so he was in regular clothes with a super-man cape on…an ok costume for a two-year old if you ask me anyway. He walked around the house and down the hall and I dropped two pieces of candy in his little bag, and he was happy as a clam. Initially I was a little ticked about not going; I’m not sure if I was looking forward to seeing some friends and not cooking dinner, or if I am just grumpy because I am pregnant. Both are possible. Eric and I played a game of “Cootie” and then I got him ready for bed. He was super happy and went to bed with no fuss, and I found myself surprisingly content to be at home alone for a few hours.

The Dad and Jeff got home around 9, after cleaning up and cleaning the building on top of that. The Saturday morning crew couldn’t make it, so the activities committee did it after the dinner. Really sorry I missed that! Jeff was in his deshelveled cow suit, still with chocolate milk on it and now with taco soup added in the mix, and with a crazy sugar-buzz. He gets wildly red-faced when over-excited, and he looked like a tomato when they came it. We have to remind him to cool down when he is playing- I think it might just be a red-head thing with the fair skin and all, but he is like a turkey with a pop-up button. We always know when he is done.

They had a good time, and as far as I am concerned, Halloween is over; a few more days and I can almost get out the Bing Crosby Christmas album!

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