A Leap of Faith

Kind of surprised me all the different opinions about Sunday that were posted. Thanks for your thoughts… For us, not going is not an option, but I understand folks who choose not too. I also understand that when my children are older, they will have their own agency and will choose for themselves what they believe. For now, I have to agree, no matter how difficult the morning starts out, we are all always in a better place by the time we get home.

Church is a hot-button issue in my family. We never went when I was a kid, and we actually did not even own a Bible until I purchased one when I was a teenager. It was odd to me that we always set up the creche at Christmas, and celebrated the holiday with whistles and bells, but we never went to church. I wanted to. Even when I was little, I remember wanting to go. As soon as I hit my early teens, I began to go to any church I could with any friend that invited. It made for a colorful mix of ideas in my head, and it took me years to sort out what I personally believed, and I tried many different hats on.

The only recollection I have of learning what the deal was with the nativity was a Little Golden Book about the story of Christmas. I loved it, and as a matter of fact, have the very book still for my kids. At Easter, we only celebrated the secular parts, a-la eggs and chocolate bunnies, with never a mention of what the significance of Easter actually was. While She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named professes a belief in God, she abhors all organized religion, and I suspect she wasn’t very comfortable answering my many childhood questions. There has certainly been tension about my joining a church, let alone the one I choose.

I have found very real answers to very real questions I have had all my life. No matter how difficult it is, an hour a week is a small price to pay. I can’t stop going, even if it’s hard. I don’t want to, but again I completely respect the opinions and choices of folks who beleive differently, especially based on childhood experiences, since that is why I choose what I do now.

The boys love the fun parts of church that come after the sermon, and if I have to walk the halls with Eric talking about the paintings and playing in the water fountain until the fun part, that’s what I will do. I guess it’s just a leap of faith. And about time too.