I Told You I Beleived!

In Costco today, amid all the Thanksgiving shoppers and craziness that is Costco on a Friday afternoon, we saw Santa Claus. At least my kids are convinced he was.

We were on the vitamin and shampoo aisle, and both boys were in the cart (gotta love the double-seater carts!) and Jeffrey and I both spotted him at the same time. He was in his street clothes, which like many seniors, was a blue windbreaker and slacks, but there was no mistaking the long, curling white hair, the full, flowing snow-white beard, the pink rosey cheeks and the twinkley blue eyes. He walked right up to my boys and began to chat with them, asking their names, and guessing what type of things they liked. He asked them if they had been listening to their mama and behaving like good boys, and Jeffrey’s eyes were big as dinner plates as he answered him.

What a lovely gentleman. It would have been creepy had any other old man approached my children, but this one made my eyes tear up in a good way. He said he was off to find his wife on the next aisle, and Jeffrey questioned me as to why Santa needed food, and where his red coat was. I was able to talk to the gentleman aside from my kids when DFM walked up, and found out where he actually works in this area. We will definitely be visiting that Santa this year. He also said he is the Santa for the Children’s Hospital downtown, for the really sick kids, and while it tears his heart out, he loves doing it each year.

See, I told you Santa Claus was real!

3 thoughts on “I Told You I Beleived!

  1. I love seeing Santa on the street! It makes me feel like a kid again. I can’t wait until my baby is old enough to know who Santa is. You can add me to the believer list.

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