Hurricane Tracy

Over at FMH there is a post I wish I had written. Artemis talks about faith and challenging it with a clarity I needed put into words, since it is pretty much what has been stewing in my mind. Check it out if you are interested.

My faith is something that I am finding is more like a roller coaster than a steady, even, boat ride. And, I am learing this is ok, it’s kind of like mothering- sometimes I rock, sometimes not so much, and not panicking during the “not-so-much” is a pretty sane thing to master. So now, as I watch my faith as well as my mothering skills go through “grand cycles’ (like hurricanes) I am learning to roll with it, a-la Steve Martin in “Parenthood”. Actually, MMW had a post on the grand cycles of hurricanes and how they are analogous to being a mother. Wish I knew how to make a real link with a cute caption…

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  2. Life is a rollercoaster, so why wouldn’t your faith be? It seems natural to me.

    When you are typing a post (under “Posting” and “Create”), type what you want the link to say in the body of your post then select it. Click on the button with the green circle and the chain link. A box will come up and you just paste the link you want in the URL field and press okay. It should work.

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