The blogosphere is abuzz with folks writing about Thanksgiving and compiling lists of things they are thankful for. It’s tempting, but I am not making any headway on a list that I feel good about. It just feels trite and contrived, a lot like Thanksgiving. Generally, I dislike this particular holiday -not the idea, just how we celebrate it- and am feeling stymied and constipated with all the drab colors and food and work involved in throwing down such a massive feast. My favorite part of Thanksgiving is after dinner while doing the dishes, when we can officially get out the Christmas music.

When I was a kid, Thanksgiving was a fun day when my grandma bought really expensive cheese and I got to eat it. The house was full of family and my mom was usually battling at the oven, but she was happy. Everyone drank too much wine at dinner and laughed really loud, and I would go in my room until dinner was over. People would come visit me in my room, mostly because the door had been closed all day and the air was cool and clean and still. I remember spending more than one Thanksgiving painting at my desk while I listened to the adults carry on. One year they were doing shots and ended up leg-wrestling on the kitchen floor- I watched SWMNBN flip my aunt over in a somersault across the linoleum. They were both pretty lit.

So I have made a boiled down list:

It is really simple, actually. I am grateful for hearts capable and willing to Love, and I am grateful for the Hope and Forgiveness contained therein.

This gratitude covers my family, my life, the Gospel, my faith, my aspirations, and the general state of the world and the Eternities. I’m ok with that.

Can we skip the turkey and awful dressing-bread stuff and cranberry sauce shaped like a tin can and just get out the Bing Crosby now??

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  1. Oh DFM are you in trouble when you get home toight…..Skip the feast are you nuts, thats what us big people look forward to. Other then having to work on Friday, I love Thanksgiving, although this year it’s just a typical Sunday dinner on a Thursday afternoon. Still look forward to drinking a little too much, and eating way too much. Tray miss you and love you!

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