Bitter Woman Ranting

So I am totally out of the first trimester and almost half way through the second. The pregnancy books mock me by saying how much energy most women have in the second t.m., and how you should be feeling better, nausea gone, sex drive in high gear… uhhh…did I miss the boat somewhere? Am I the only woman in the world who does not have a life or pregnancies like that? Sex drive? Puhhh-leeze! Don’t touch me, I might barf on you!

I have avoided writing about it lately, mostly because I am sick of thinking about it, but I am still totally barfing every day, usually several times. Actually, I have decided to try and put a positive spin on it- If I am going to toss the cookies anyway, why not eat whatever I want? So I had a big burrito today with sour cream and extra cheese, totally enjoyed it until the waves started, then lost the whole thing. Is that sick? No pun intended. Am I becoming an incubating bulimic?

Tomorrow looms as a big nasty cloud of smells to deal with. Eww. That’s all I can think of, all the smells that will be filling the house, and we will be at the in-laws, so I have to have a barf back-up plan. Here at home, I keep a bucket in the kitchen sink and in the bathroom, but that probably won’t fly at someone else’s home. Why a bucket? I have two little boys, and hanging my head in the toilet is beyond the pale, no matter how many times I scrub it- it’s also more comfortable to barf at counter-height- something I wish I didn’t know.

I have been instructed to bring a broccoli casserole tomorrow. Let’s all laugh together at how much that is going smell baking. Of all things, a broccoli casserole?? Oh, and a salad. I can handle a salad- won’t be able to eat it, but I can make one without gagging.

So I hope everyone out there who knows me better than I know you have a great and wonderful and loving Thanksgiving. May your day be lovely and filled with good family memories and happy moments. Meanwhile, I will be in the bathroom, trying to be quiet so as not to make a scene and ruin 26 people’s dinner. Happy Turkey Day everyone.

5 thoughts on “Bitter Woman Ranting

  1. I felt the same way with my first, who made me sick for about 8 months. If it’s gonna come up it better taste good going down.Then I realized that texture played a big part too, since it didn’t stay down for long. Ice cream sound like a perfect solution right? Yeah, until it came back up, STILL COLD AND FROZEN. Eww, makes me squirm just remembering it.
    Might I recommend wrapping a scarf around your face? You can still breath but it blocks a lot of smells. Good for food prep but maybe not so good for a family gathering.

  2. My friend was sick through her whole pregnancy as well and ended up taking the anti nasuea drug that they give cancer patients. It was the only thing that worked.

    as for dinner…sit at the table in a seat nearest the exit. Carry a plastic bag with you (ziplock feezer will fold up nicely in your pocket). When the waves come one, grab the bag and run from the room! I am quietly giggling just thinking of you running from the room with your zip lock bag…hee hee.

    Anyway, I am sorry you feel so lousy, I hope in improves soon or you figure out the secrets of time travel.

  3. I’ve had the ice-cream thing happen, as well as rootbeer and coke that still fizzes–YUCK! One time I swigged some milk, told my self I was NOT going to throw up, and got myself out the door to go to work, only to hurl on the doormat ride outside. DH, bless his heart, cleaned up the milk (yes, still cold) while I finished puking and crying in the bathroom.

    I also tried to find the bathroom the farthest away from the food to puke in. I don’t puke quietly.

    Also, I found that in situations like that (i.e., you are trapped in a situation where you can’t just shout, “I’m gonna hurl, so MOVE IT, PEOPLE!”) eating very, very slowly helped. I don’t know why, but if I took one bit every now and then, I could almost always get through a dinner with the missionaries at somebody else’s house. Of course, I would still be on my salad when everybody else was eating dessert, but at least I didn’t puke on everybody. If I tried to go faster, I always was running to the bathroom.

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