Holly, Jolly Ha Ha Ha!

It dawned on me today that there are only 17 days left until Christmas. For some reason, I had this deluded idea that I had tons of time. Not only have I not even made a list of people to send cards to, I have not bought one single gift yet. Not one. While I am not one of those people who boasts of being done shopping in August (what is that about?), I am usually in better shape than this.

Granted, there have been other things occupying my mind and time (no more contractions today; thanks for all the prayers), but I am not sure I can even catch up this year. You know what? I don’t really care! Ha HA! What a great feeling that is to discover! This year, since I am so totally behind, I am thinking of throwing the whole boatload to the ducks. Maybe I won’t decorate the mantle, maybe I won’t get wrapped and pretty and all ‘Martha Stewarty’ packages off to the family. Maybe no one will get hand knit socks (don’t everyone cry at once). It feels really good to not care! How ’bout them apples?

The tree is up. The manger is on top of the piano, and that’s about it. Perhaps that’s enough. How cool is that idea? I called DFM at work today and suggested this year, we should skip gifts for each other. Really, what do we need? We need big things, like to be out of debt, and to pay off the work we just had done on the house, and not giving useless presents will help us get to those bigger goals quicker. We are getting the kids one nice family gift, and one thing for each of them. Santa will fill their stockings, and grandma is sure to send more than one box, but for us, this year is looking like it will be pared down, and it is actually a releif.

There will be more time to focus on each other, on reading stories by the fire, playing games, making cookies and teaching my children what Christmas really is. Maybe, I won’t be all stressed out and feel like I let someone, somewhere down. This year, I’m letting everyone down! I’m so happy!

3 thoughts on “Holly, Jolly Ha Ha Ha!

  1. ok, i don’t ALWAYS have to post comments, but I do anyhow.
    I am so happy to hear this from someone else. We’ve pared it down this year and I am so happy!! I feel like I actually get to enjoy the holiday for what it is! What an original thought.

  2. If only there were more of you in the world. We too have a small amount of debt that we would like to concentrate on rather than throwing money out the window of gifts we feel obligated to buy. And then, what is up with everyone hitting me up for financial contributions to variouse causes! Sheesh, its enough to turn anyone into a grinch.

    Maybe today I will get the advent calendar down…

  3. Methinks that ‘the reason for the season’ has been missed! Thoughtful gift-giving [thoughtful does NOT = costly] to those we love and to those who are less fortunate than we are is a symbolic way to celebrate God’s great gift to us: his Only Begotten Son, Christ the Lord. I’m very grateful that God’s gift of his Son, and Christ’s gift of the Atonement were given to us with a loving attitude. Why one would give gifts to others only because they feel obligated to do-so is curious to me. If I create or purchase a gift for someone it is because I care about them as family, friend or as my fellow man who is in need of someone to care. It’s so fun to give! Instead of doing the ‘right thing’ with the wrong attitude, you oughtta be honest with yourself and everyone else and announce that your family is watching your pennies and you are not spending money on others this Christmas, but you wish everyone Happy Holidays. Use the money saved to put into your debt. If your recipients knew of the feelings of obligation behind the gifts you are giving they might suggest the same.

  4. I was and am honest with myself about this. I had a very frank conversation with my siblings about finances, and we are all in the same boat. It is presumptuous to assume that I have the wrong attitude- this post was mostly tongue-in-cheek, and the underlying theme was that we will celebrate this holiday teaching our children about the real meaning of Christmas, insteard of shopping for things none of us need. I am doing exactly what you suggest, only with a little more humor and levity.

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