Your Northwest Moment of the Day

Here is what our yard looks like right now…but when the high for the day is only 17 degrees, it’s not much fun to play outside. Oh, and for the life of me, I can’t find Eric any snowboots. After trying three different local stores, I am ready to just call LL Bean, but just can’t bring myself to shell out $30 on boots that won’t fit him for more than a few months. So in this picture, he has plastic bags over his socks inside his sneakers- how’s that for classy, huh? I’m such a good mom!

Anyone out there experienced in dealing with a pathologically lying four-year-old? There must be some great psychology behind it, but suddenly, Jeffrey is lying his pant off, about anything and everything. Mostly I’m so taken aback that I haven’t figured out a good and effective way to deal with it. He has had quite a few time-outs, but I know that isn’t getting the message through his thick little noggin. How do I infuse him with the idea that lying is morally a problem, not a convenient way out of something you don’t want to do? And does a four-year-old have the capacity to get morality, anyway? Call me stymied.

Last night, after the children were all nestled and snug in their beds, the anti-Santa came whizzing through the house. It was long overdue, and after it was over, there were two giant leaf-bag size trash bags full of toys that the kids will never see again, and most likely won’t even notice are gone. The play room looks awesome- it’s neat and organized, and they are in there right now exclaiming over all the things they have- and haven’t seen in forever because of the colossal mess that used to reign.

After years of juggling toys, I have changed my philosophy about what kids need. (I used to work in the toy industry, and had a ton of ideas and a stash of toys in the closet long before I had kids) No matter how much stuff you have, there are only a few things that they really need- things that get 90% of all the play time. They are: Legos, old-fashioned blocks, couch cushions and a few blankets, some more Legos, matchbox cars, a cart or stroller or some other wheeled vehicle, crayons and paper, and a backyard (or park nearby) with a swing. If you have those things, you have pretty happy kids, and all the volumes of other stuff for them is just flotsam and jetsam you’ll be constantly cursing and picking up.

Did you know that icicles are real things? When we first moved to the northwest 3 1/2 years ago, I was amazed during my first winter that people actually had read icicles hanging from their houses- and was so disappointed that we didn’t have any. I know, I know, the California blonde in me was showing, but I had never seen them- I thought they were like fairies or something else mythical. What can I say? Now, I know that icicles are not so cool, other than looking. If you’ve got icicles, you’ve got insulation problems in your roof, and your eaves are going to pay the price when all that sparkley, pretty ice melts. That’s your northwest moment of the day!

5 thoughts on “Your Northwest Moment of the Day

  1. Wow, look at all that snow@! I think its supposed to be close to 70 tomorrow here. Perfect Christmas weather.

  2. Brilliant solution with the plastic bags! You’re like McGuyver!

    heather, I’m going to AZ in 2 weeks and can’t wait for a temp above 15 degrees. Yippee

  3. Wow, that’s like, the best compliment for a mom ever! I had a friend who wrote a song about McGuyver… the refrain was was “blow you up with my tennis shoe” and it was years before the for real shoe-bomber guy!

  4. great picture!!! i’ve bid geg layovers for jan. hopefully i’ll be up there for my b-day (27th). good luck with jeffrey.

    love, —t

  5. when I first moved to UT from WA all we had were rainboots. So I just put on 2 pair of socks and then his rainboots, they worked great, and the best part is because they were too big then, they still fit now.

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