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Last night I finished Pres. Hinkley’s challenge, and for the first time actually read the BoM all the way through. It was tough making it through all the “war” chapters, and they left me feeling worn out and exhausted and sad, but I guess they probably should. I have a deep, new love and appreciation for Moroni and his predecessors did, and I think I have a new favorite scripture (Mormon 9:27), which gives me definite jumping-off point for what I need to do next.

Insomnia has been plaguing me, which is why I actually finished a book. It seems to me that the pregnancy insomnia didn’t start quite this early with the other babies, but what can you do? I just hate seeing the sun come up from the night-side of things; getting up early to enjoy it is one thing, but still being awake from the night before is entirely another thing. My eyes are bleary and red, and Jeffrey asked me why he didn’t have red squiggley lines in his eyes. as if they are normal. Oh, sweet child, sometimes you are soo dear.

Tomorrow is my ultra-sound. I’ll let you all know what they see- hopefully a healthy baby. As I sit writing into what feels like the abyss, I wonder if anyone is reading it anymore. Blah blah blah… Obviously I am too tired to be coherent. Perhaps tomorrow…

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  1. In case you are wondering, and I hope I’m not being intrusive by commenting, I read you quite regularly. And as a newly pregnant (8 weeks – for the first time) sick out of my mind woman who has to keep going to her full time desk job – – well you’re a respite. So I hope you get loads of blessings for blogging, and a healthy baby.

  2. Yay for finishing the BoM! I am on Ether 1 so I’ll be done shortly before the 31st. It’s a great thing to know that we are following the prophet and fulfilling a goal set for ourselves.

    Can’t wait for the ultrasound news! Hope everything is perfect!

    BTW I read your blog every day too. I enjoy it!

  3. I read your blog! I totally love it, and think we could be friends if we knew each other in a world other than cyberspace. Also, Heather and I were chatting, and anytime you want to do a guest post on MMW, you are welcome!

    Hope all goes well with the ultrasound.

    Oh, and I’m in the beginning of Helaman. I finally finished Alma. Whew. I really need to cruise to get it done by the end of the year, though.

  4. Good job on finishing the BoM! And I love your blog. I’m gonna have to meet you someday, if only because you actually know who the Melvins are. 🙂

  5. dear T-

    I read your blog everyday. it makes me feel close to you…

    love you, call me about the ultrasound. ccg

  6. Hope the ultrasound goes well. I had one yesterday and it was wonderful to see her little profile. (the first thing I saw) Love just burst from my heart.

    I read your blog and have really enjoyed your thoughts.

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