4 thoughts on “Confession

  1. It’s probably a healthy thing to do actually – though will a baby actually let you keep such a thing on her head? Maybe for short special occasions. The earlier you start the pickier you can be – and then you will only have slightly girly pink things that you LOVE, so you won’t mind the pinkness of them so much.

  2. if you put hats/brain bands/bows/whatever on their heads as soon as they’re born, they’re used to them and might not be so inclined to yank them off their heads. My daughter had so much hair when she was born, I never put anything on her head or in her hair; then later on when I want to style her hair, she won’t let me. Sigh.

  3. That might be true. My daughter won’t let me touch her hair (she was bald when she was born). My son had a 4 inch afro. We started shaving his head when he was 2 months old. Now, he will put on my daugters hats, dress up crowns and even those sill reindeer ears and leave them on all day. There might be something to that theory….

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