My “Drug” Problem

This morning I geeked out at the OB. It was my five-month check-up, ( lost 2 lbs, but that’s what barfing every day will do) and my doctor was not available today, so I saw the nurse practitioner. I am sure she is a very nice woman, and I generally don’t mind seeing RCNP, but this visit just went all haywire. Maybe I’m just oversensitive and emotional- most likely, actually.

The backstory is- no pun intended- that I have had chronic back pain for years. Last October, I had breast-reduction surgery that all but eradicated the pain. Marvelous thing, for me. But, now that my belly is beginning to get big, the back spasms have started up again, and yesterday I picked Eric up and tweaked something. So last night I was in so much pain I was physically ill, something that used to happen often before the surgery. My OB knows about my history, (actaully helped me get the surgery) and four months ago prescribed a muscle relaxer and pain killer to use only when needed, which isn’t often. He gave me 20 pills, of which I had taken six.

Backstory #2 is that my dear husband needs a root canal, and our dental coverage for the year is all used up, so he has an appointment in January, which, thank heavens, is next week. But, he has been taking my pain pills, instead of taking 20 Advil a day. So last night when I went to take a pill, they were all gone. I told him to take them, especially since I have needed them so seldom and he was in pain.

So back to today… I don’t really want to tell this nurse that my husband took my pills- I’m not sure why, but I felt the judgment would be forthcoming and I didn’t want to deal. So I just asked her if I could please have something for back pain. To which she told me that I really should see a chiropractor, get physical therapy, and do exercises for my back. I agree that all of these are good things. She then lectures me that pain killers do nothing towards a solution only mask the problem. To which I also agree, but try to get in a word about my history. She overrides me, and again begins to talk about her chiropractor and the miracles he works, and how I really need to address my pain issues. Now I feel like crying. After this baby is born, my back problems will be gone again, and I know this. I just want something to keep my from kneeling on the floor and throwing up from the spasms! So I tell her this. Again, she started in on the chiropractor- now I believe in chiropractors, we have one, and he is good. But he wants to see me twice a week for therapy, and it’s $30 each time I go- sorry, but our budget cannot handle that $240 a month. So I loose it and tell her all this. She just stares me, like the crazy woman I am.

Ultimately, she claims she cannot give me any medication, and I am fighting back tears now, putting my things on with all the dignity a half-naked, emotional train-wreck, pained pregnant woman can muster. I must have looked pretty pathetic, because she paused in her diatribe and said maybe she could see what my doctor had given me and refill it. She left the tiny, cold room and told me to wait. By this point, I was so upset all I wanted to do was leave, medication or no.

Grabbing my purse, I intended to just go, but she caught me in the hallway and was just as nice as she could be. What happened? All of the sudden the lecture was over, the poor pregnant woman was leaving in tears and the torture session was complete? She was quiet and sweet as she asked me about my next appointment and slipped the prescription in my hand.

Should I have just said, “Hey, my husband swiped all my drugs, gimme some more!”?- With the browbeating I got just for asking for painkillers, I can only imagine what she would have said to that! My instinct for not telling her that little factoid was right on.

We never even talked about my baby, which is why I was there in the first place.

3 thoughts on “My “Drug” Problem

  1. Good gravy!

    Who does this nurse think she is? Freakin’ Tom Cruise??

    You poor thing. I totally understand about the chiropractor being expensive and all … And I don’t blame you one bit for sharing the painkillers with your hubby. I mean, think of how much 20 Advil/day would cost!

    But, really … that nurse? That seems really passive-aggressive of her. If you feel up to it, I think you should tell your practictioner about her behavior. Everyone knows not to make a pregnant woman cry! (And if they don’t, they usually learn that fact very quickly.)

    Best of luck, though. And I pray that your back pain goes away … like immediately!

  2. Don’t get me started on doctors and nurses.

    I’m sorry you’re in so much pain, it sounds horrible. And your husband, too! You guys take it easy.

  3. it sounds like my nurse practitioner! With my 3rd, I had virtually no symptoms, except for the positive pregnancy test. No nausea, no breast pain, nothing. But I did have a lot of cramping. I was very scared that it wasn’t a viable pregnancy, and all the nurse did was sit and lecture me on how to prevent nausea. I kept telling her I wasn’t nauseous, that was the problem. She couldn’t have cared less, just continued on about folic acid, like I hadn’t heard this crap with my other 2 pregnancies!

    Then when she couldn’t find the heartbeat, she didn’t even acknowledge that it was weird, she just said sometimes you have to wait until later to hear it. She wouldn’t order the ultrasound I requested, and finally, after I kept pitching a fit, ordered a blood test to check ny hcg levels. You could tell she thought she was doing me a huge favor by not making me wait until my next appointment 4 weeks later to see if I was pregnant or not.

    Fortunately there were no problems, but she, too, was a big lecturer and not a big listener. I feel your pain.

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