Harmony Abounds

No kids for sale today… sorry! My kids were awsome- it was one of those rare days where no one fought, no one got hurt, we were all happy, and I had superhuman patience. Maybe that’s the real key, eh? The superhuman patience part? Nah, can’t be that simple.

What we did do was move Eric and Jeffrey into the same room, and while I was anticipating disaster, I was pleasantly disappointed. They are thrilled, and completely happy with the arangement. If anything, they are sleeping better together, waking up less, and happier now than they were alone. And, DFM and I got a kick out of listening to them giggle and whisper the first night- is there anything sweeter than your babies loving each other?

The move was initially to make space for the new baby enough in advance that Eric doesn’t feel kicked out of his room. We only have three bedrooms upstairs, so someone had to share- I’m not ready to have anyone downstairs where I can’t hear them- no way. Now, I just need to get over my ghastly fear of Eric jumping off the bunk beds. He is lithe and spry and afraid of nothing, and I know he is going to be the one who sends me batty.

Now, I need to find a two-year-old-proof crib, somthing that he cannot destroy or climb into, so the new baby will be safe too. The old crib, after two of our babies, had been repaired so many times it is beyond all hope and is going where all good cribs go to die- behind the garage, I guess.

On to tackling the intermitable pile of baby clothes spilling out of bags and boxes in every downstairs closet- how do such tiny duds take up so much space and time?

2 thoughts on “Harmony Abounds

  1. I don’t believe there is a 2 year old proof crib out there. I think they’re like squirrel proof bird feeders, a good idea, but they never work. Our oldest climbed into the crib with our baby every morning for a good 5 months.
    A friend of mine did find a cat cover for their crib, which she used to keep her son out. It’s like a mesh dome that gets strapped to the top of the crib and closes with a zipper down the middle. Good luck.

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