Just Call Me Sally Fields

Doin’ a little jig- dancin’ a little rag. In the tiny little microcosm of my world, things are very good! The very first site for mamas that I ever found and loved was MMW, and they are still my favorite, so when your fav decides to ask you to join the staff, what do you do? You dance a crazy little dance, swallow your fear of large audiences and say…”ok”!

Heather O and The Wiz have invited me to be a regular contributor to MMW, and I think my first post over there might be on Monday. How cool is that? Little pregnant, nauseated fish in a big ol’ pool. Well, Heather keeps telling me it’s not so big, but it feels pretty stinkin’ big to me! This will still be my main outlet- I can’t hog over there and post all the time about whatever is on my mind, but once a week or so, I will. How cool is that? Four months ago I thought a blog was a big plop of mud!

Also, the kids have been awesome, my husband got a fat promotion at work (the only drawback I see so far is he gets home later), and I got several orders for my designs from new companies this week. Big orders. Which means next week I have to be disciplined and actually stick to a schedule and work. Sticking to a schedule and defeating the whimsy-pig inside of me is always a personal challenge, but one of these is a really big order, going to Manhattan- can you believe that? What one solitary mama makes in her spare bedroom might be going national… Good grief, life is so amazing!

And we are having a maybe-girl. The chicken-little in me is now going start looking for falling pieces of sky…Happy New Year everyone!

7 thoughts on “Just Call Me Sally Fields

  1. Way to go! I think you’ll be a perfect fit over at MMW. Actually it was one of your comments on MMW that let me to your blog in the first place.

    It sounds like you are getting a head start on a Happy New Year with the professional success that both you and your husband are having (along with a new little one on the way too!)

    My best to you and your family in the coming year.

  2. Wow. Who knew Heather and I had so much power!! We’re hardly the Academy Awards, but if you want to be Sally Field……

    As far as the other stuff going on, that is so great! I am a firm believer that clutter is evil (although you’d hardly know it by looking at my house, especially right now) and I really think that the big purge you did on the 26th really probably helped your life turn in this positive direction. Feng shui and bad chi and all that.

    Good luck with your schedule and working. Go mommy power!

  3. Woo Hoo for you! What a great way to ring in the new year! Enjoy sitting atop cloud 9.

    I am wondering…what kind of work do you do, design wise? What type of stuff are you doing that is going to Manhattan?

    Good luck with the scheduling bit, I have the hardest time making that work too, it’s my new years resolution.

  4. your creativity is contagious…love you, glad you are well. congrats to david on his raise and to you on your big orders. chels

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