Misery Wants to be Alone

It’s been a couple of days- I have been seriously sick. It might have been food poisoning, because it hit hard and fast, and for about the last 24 hours, not even water would stay down. Yuck. Never had food poisoning before, and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy- talk about being drug down. And it was at the worst possible time- I was supposed to have my ultrasound to see if my mom can start making things out of all the pink fabric she has bought. I told her not to hold her breath, it’s got to be another boy. Ultrasound is now scheduled for two weeks.

Today we had new flooring put in the entire upstairs. Which meant that everything had to be put either outside, in the garage or downstairs. With all that happening, the doctor decided that I cannot lift anything, due my history of pre-term labor, even Eric. So with the worker-guys here to do the floors, me not supposed to do anything, and the whole upstairs having to be emptied- it snowed about eight inches. And then I started to barf- in a really big way, like every twenty minutes, then the other end chipped in too. Enough said. The last two days have been misery incarnated.

On to next week- it’s bound to be better.
Oh, and the floors look great.