Humble Pie

The last few days have been spent flat on my back, or worse, on my hands and knees, unable to get up. Nothing fun going on, oh no, let me assure you- I pulled my lower back out. Anyone ever done that? Holy mackerel, it sucks! Excuse the vernacular, but there is nothing else to say that adequately covers it besides “sucks”.

Thanks heavens DFM was home for three solid days, because I couldn’t move, seriously- I even needed help getting in and out of the shower, and once in there, I couldn’t stand, but had to sit on the little plastic stool my kids use for the potty. Getting dressed? Ha! Never have I been so totally laid out, helpless and wretched. It felt like it must feel to be about 110 years old, stooped over and in constant pain. And, I don’t even know what I did!

My wonderful and kind and generous regular doctor gave me some viacadin, but it just made me throw up some more. Heaven knows I don’t need any more of that, so tylenol and rice bags it is, but then the smell of the hot rice bags was making me sick, so I just laid on the floor and moaned in my misery, throwing up in a Tupperware bowl. I’m sure I was quite the lovely sight, and I’m really glad my husband and I have seen each other at our worse, so nothing can offend or surprise.

It’s hard to feel prideful or strong when someone has to help you go potty, get your pants on, or peel you up off the floor. Somewhere along the line, I must have needed a lesson in humility. Lesson learned- boy am I humble now!

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  1. Okay, so I did it wrong the first time. Now I am posting my comments…got it. Well, I finally visited and I am glad I did. I, too, have been in your humbling shoes, and my husband has been in them too. “For better or for worse.” I hope that you are feeling better soon and that the meds take a little bit of the nausea away.

  2. Good heavens, I don’t think anyone could really need that kind of “humility” lesson. I hope the pain goes away for you sometime soon.

    Are you on anti-nausea meds, or just meds for the back pain? I’d be interested to compare notes on anti-nausea meds; I think I’ve tried everything but Reglan.

    Oh, and I have a hot pack with corn feed that seems to smell a little less than the rice ones (I also have on with beans, but that’s the worst for smell when it’s microwaved).

  3. Don’t take Reglan! At least for me, it wasn’t pretty. What Reglan does is speed things through your system. Not to put too fine a point on it, but it does nothing for the nausea, just empties you tummy faster, and then you just dry-heave, and, er, the undigested food gives you a different kind of fun on the other end.

    Im not a doctor, and I don’t even play one on tv, but with this #3 baby, the only thing that had taken the edge off is over the counter Bennedryl. It makes you sleepy at first, but you get used to it, and it works better than Phenergan, too.

    Hot beans…ohhhhh YUCK!

  4. oh tracy, you poor thing. I have been there! Right after my first was born I was flat on my back for about a week. It is HORRIBLE! I couldn’t even roll over in bed witout the help of my husband. The Dr.’s couldn’t give me any pain meds because I was nursing, all they told me was to lay flat alot and try not to bend my back. They suggested I pretend that my back was an iron rod that couldn’t bend, use your arms, legs, knees whatever…try hard not to move your back. In a week I was moving again, but not normally.

    OH! The ICYHOT patches for sore muscles helped a little bit too. Hang in there!

  5. Tracy, I haven’t tried Reglan because I have too much dry-heaving/bile-barfs to begin with, plus I don’t want to take anything that would make me poop more (sorry if TMI, but all bodily processes at this point are horrifying for me).

    Right now, I’m taking a timed-release B6 supplement and Unisom, which might be helping (I’m afraid to stop and see if it gets worse). But with previous pregnancies I’ve tried Phenergan (kind of works, but knocks me out and makes me dizzy), Zofran (didn’t help the nausea, cut vomiting in half, so I was only throwing up three or four times a day, but it’s seriously expensive), meclizine (don’t know if it helped or not), and Benadryl (kind of helped, maybe).

    I can’t imagine how awful it must be to still be throwing up regularly as far along as you are, especially with crippling back pain. I’m so sorry.

  6. Yeah, I know (well, some formulas are the same antihistamine, diphenhydramine instead of doxylamine, which is what I’m taking). I think it’s funny that the bulk of anti-nausea meds seem to work by knocking a person out.

  7. ((Tracy)) Daaang woman!! That sucks. I have felt your pain and :::shudder::: can empathize. I hope you feel better soon and Thank Goodness DH was there!!!

    Take good care.

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