Eric has decided he no longer takes naps. This is not a popular decision in our house, but there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do about it. I guess I should be happy, since he is 2 1/2, and Jeffrey stopped napping at 18 months, but I had so come to depend on that block of time in the afternoon when I would be alone.

And, oh, how lovely the evenings are now! My about 5 pm, he is a rolling mess. Everything upsets his world, and his shreiks begin to border on the dog-hearing threshold, dinner is a lovely mess and am ready to duct tape his little self in bed. The good news? He doesn’t last past 6:30, and once in bed, he is out in under two seconds. And then he sleeps for twelve hours straight.

So, like all things with motherhood, it is a finely honed double-edge- bye bye afternoon respite, hello quiet time in the evenings. At least for a few more weeks, then I can just kiss sleep goodbye again. Sigh.

4 thoughts on “Zzzzzz

  1. Been there done that! I hate the evening melt downs, they are simply HORRIBLE! One thing I did was insititue quiet time. With a digital clock in his room I would let my son lay on his bed with a few books and maybe a quiet toy. I would point to his clock and tell him that when the clock said 4:00 he could come out and play with me again. This worked well until he was 3….He was really good about staying in his room, not always good about being quiet…but it still gave me time to be with the baby or nap myself. Oh, and sometimes he actually fell asleep!

  2. My kids always gave up their naps early too. It was hard.

    Once when I was talking about my own kids doing this an older lady at church said, “Oh, nap wasn’t for my kids, it was for me. I made them spend an hour in their rooms even if they didn’t sleep.”

    I thought that was good advice but I had a hard time implementing that in my house.

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