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Some things only can happen in the modern world. Today, I met a new friend for lunch- we both have boys close to the same age, live in the same area, and know a lot of things about one another- but up until today, we had never met each other in person. Up until very recently, we didn’t even know we lived near each other, or what our real names were!

It’s really weird meeting someone who knows so very much about you-someone who basically reads your diary each day- and it has the potential to be disastrous. Luckily, it was smashing and there were no geek-out moments at all.

Given my twisted history with friends, maybe this is not such a bad way to make them. Most of the things that I would normally hold back when meeting someone new, this person already knows about me- and she wanted to have lunch anyway. So other than the (I think) normal feelings of “what if she doesn’t like me?”, there wasn’t much to fear. We both frequent the same blogs, as well as each others’, (check out Me and my Big Mouth on the side bar) share ideological views, and are stay-at-home mama’s with little boys.

So along with all the other good things I have gotten from writing each day, like my sanity and a non-addictive outlet for my creativity, I got a nice surprise: a new friend.

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  1. The Bloggernacle is weird that way–suddenly you have vast amounts of friends. I met Mardell and Kaimi Wenger last month, and it was a little bit surreal, (not the least of which was finding out that Mardell looked nothing like I thought she would. Not that she looks bad, or anything, but somehow I had a picture of her looking way different, and I was taken aback. Weird.)
    Anyway, these people came into my house, and they knew all about my dog, all about my son, all about my carpet, and I suddenly realized that maybe I give way too much of myself to the internet! And then Kaimi said something interesting. He said, “It’s like we all already friends–it’s just taking the time to actually meet!”

    And I think he’s right. I consider many women and people my friend whom I never met, and it seems, for the most part, to be ok. We’ve hosted several “blogger-ites” in our home since we’ve moved to the DC area, and not a single one of them had we met in person before they shared our home.

  2. That’s awesome. I hope we can meet up when you come down to Cali next.

    I’ve met lots of people via the internet. Just about every concert/show I go see now I’ll run into people that I’ve met via the internet–so I’m always ok with going to shows on my own. It’s kind of trippy when someone I’ve never met comes up to me and says “Are you Sue?” Especially when it’s someone in the band!

    The other day I had a completely turn around moment–a band member asked to take pictures of us! Haha!

  3. Wow, I’m touched. Now you’ll never be able to get rid of me!! Here’s hoping we can do it again real soon.
    BTW, what on earth makes you think blogging isn’t addictive?!

  4. mo mommy is great blah blah.. i’m not even mentioned though??? i’ll have you know i ended up dreaming of those rides.

  5. Heather O.- I have wondered if I let out too much too, but I think Kaimi is right. Its like we are already friends, and we just haven’t met yet. Plus, the things we write about aren’t exactly the kind of things that draw liars and creeps. I mean, who want to hear about poop incidents, barf and parenting neurotics besides other parents?

    Susan, Looks like we might be down in LA around August; my mom want to take the kids to Disneyland. Im hoping you’ll be around for lunch!

    Mo-Ok, maybe a little addictive, but its beter than a lot of other vices I can think of… easily… alot. Thank you- I need a dye job desperately, and I tamed the crazyness just to meet you- next time, I might look like an octopus!

    heathen- poor baby! Im so sorry! Those rides will give anyone nightmares… why do you think I put my kids on them? Bwah-ha-ha!

    Just for anyone reading, heathen is Mo Mommy’s wonderful and kind and gererous friend and babysitter, who watched our kids so we could sit on our bloomin’ behinds and talk. We dumped about $20 into the little kiddie rides at the mall, and heathen manned the quarters and the kids. A generous and kind hearted loverly gal, if I do say so myself.

    Happy now? 😉

  6. yes! (although i think it’s the first time generous or kind-hearted have been used in the same sentence as a reference to me) 🙂

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