Vindication is mine!

This morning at the OB, I saw my regular doctor again, instead of the Drug Nazi. My regular guy is awesome- he knows this is my third baby, knows I know my body and what’s going on, listens to me, and always delivers his own patients. He had a med student with him this morning, which doesn’t bother me in the least. All is well, and I am only dilated to 1cm, which is good, because at this point, I was at 3 cm with Eric.

You know what that means?? NO bed rest!! YAY!

So on the way out, I stopped to make my next appointment, and the receptionist asked if I would possibly be willing to see the Drug Nazi RNP. Uh, possibly not! When I asked if there was another doctor I could see, she just scheduled me again with my own OB. Cha-ching! Then, she quietly asked me what the problem was with the RNP, because evidently, I am not the only woman who refuses to see her! The head doctor wants to hear from any woman who had a bad experience… And while I am not into killing this woman’s career, it makes me feel so much better that I wasn’t just wacked out on hormones and over-reacting last month.

While I haven’t decided what to tell them ( I do want to be fair) maybe she just needs a reality check and to learn to listen to patients a little better. Trying to be charitable here… But the bottom line is: If you are mean to a bunch of hormonal pregnant women- your career just might bite it!

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