Yes, that way my kid hollering yesterday in Costco, “Mommmmm! My testicles itch!” Oh yeah, that was us. People two aisles away were laughing.

Yes, that was my son yesterday, who, while admiring himself in a sweatshirt that was too big, exclaimed “Mom, I like this dress on me!”

Yes, that was my son, sharing my stall in the public bathroom, sweetly asking me if I needed another pad for when I pee in my pants barfing.

Yes, those were both of my sons, hobbling naked down the hall, to show me how when they tucked their penises between their legs, it was “All Gone!” And how totally funny they thougth that was!

And yes, that was my son last night, who in his sweet and innocent prayers asked God to please make it so Mommy wouldn’t throw up or yell anymore, and Daddy wouldn’t be mean. To be fair, he was probably thinking of me yelling at him to get out of the bathroom while I threw up yet again, and daddy being mean is telling him that six Transformers is more than enough for any boy. But it still hits home hard when your kid asks God to make you nicer.

5 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. When I put my son on a time out yesterday, and wouldn’t let him up he cried “but mommy, I loooove you”
    He was there for a good reason, but I still felt mean.
    My testicles itch! Bwahahaha, that’s classic!!!

  2. giggle. The newest thing for my kids is to ask if I’m grumpy, all the time. I can’t wait until Spence starts doing boy things so I can giggle without cringing about the implications of his crossdressing (he likes to call himself a “true princess”). I love the stories about your boys. They seem like fun little characters. haha!

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