Me and My Big Mouth

(Apologies to Mo Mommy on the title, but if the shoe fits, sometimes you gotta borrow it!) Some of you might want to re-think being my friend, or at least reading me, if you knew what I did today. I’m a bad woman.

You all have read about my mother-in-law. Nothing I say about her is untrue or even an exaggeration. So today, on the first day of my trying to re-join the human race, she had to bumble into my space. Weather it was fate, dumb luck, or providence, I will never know, but I unloaded both packed, aimed, primed and ready-to-fire barrel’s at her. All of the things I have been holding in for seven years just came spewing forth from my mouth is a long tirade of vitriol and frank, tactless verbal cannonballs. When I hung up on her, she was crying. Now before you get too upset at me, she is a manipulative-passive-aggressive, so crying isn’t really a big deal, but still, making your MIL cry is never something to be proud of.

It isn’t necessary or advisable to go over all the things I threw at her, but let’s just say she doesn’t wonder how I feel about anything. Anything. Immediately I called DFM at told him what I had done, feeling kind of ashamed at my lack of control and knowing I had to apologize to her. He laughed at me! While he agreed that I probably ought to say I was sorry, at least about one thing, he didn’t think it was really a big deal.

But I am feeling more than a little guilty. I did call and apologize for my disrespect, and it went about like you would imagine, if you know anyone who is passive-aggressive. Serves me right for speaking my mind. *sigh*

4 thoughts on “Me and My Big Mouth

  1. Sometimes you just need to be pregnant to let it all out and have it be allright. Smiles and think of how fun it was while you were doing it. DON’T LET HER GUILT YOU. Sometimes MIL need reality checks and then they’ll get better for a couple of months then go back to normal (not usually a good thing but it erases your guilt big time and lets you build up a couple of years before you do it again). Hee hee (I think my limit will be reached come March…) Sorry that it happened though.

  2. It was time, I am surprised you lasted this long. And that is the exact responce that I thought DFM would give you!

  3. Yikes…I have only had one blow-up with my MIL…the white elephant in the room for months to come wasn’t any fun. Here’s hoping she doesn’t call or visit you too often!

  4. I have a similar problem with my father.I refuse to let my dad come to our house, since he says rude things about the military in front of my kids. Sometimes you have to lay it out like that in a way they can understand, since asking him to stop didn’t work.
    My bishop once told me that ‘turn the other cheek’ does not mean ‘let people step all over you’. If we don’t have enough respect for ourselves and our worth, and we let people abuse us, then we aren’t experiencing our true potential. So stand up for yourself. Maybe you shouldn’t have been quite so ,er, enthusiastic in your standing up….but sometimes that’s the only thing that will get people’s attention.

  5. I’m just proud of you for limiting your pregnant wrath to people who deserve it. Now I feel really guilty for the note I left on the windshield of a double-parker in a crowded parking lot…. dang.

    Don’t be too hard on yourself – maybe something good will come of it. And if it didn’t upset your husband that you did it… there’s really nothing bad that can come of it (other than said psychotic MIL finding some warped way to use it against you…. but if it wasn’t this it would be something else…)

    Good Luck and I hope you’re able to eradicate all MIL thoughts for many days to come.

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