Follow Up- Me and My Big Mouth

Ok, so here is the funny part.

After feeling really guilty all night, and trying to figure out what to do with this elephant I invited into the room, I decided I needed help. This morning, I phoned DFM’s uncle (MIL’s brother) to ask his council. He is a fine older gentleman, whom I greatly respect, he and his wife are temple workers every week, they are busy retirees, and they are both fantastic people. Knowing that I might well be chastised by him for my disrespect, I decided to come clean anyway, and risk his displeasure in order to make some progress. My thinking was, since he has dealt with her for the better part of 70 years, maybe he could help me.

When I phoned, I told him I needed some council regarding MIL, and he put me on speaker phone so his wife could listen in as well. Then, I explained the entire thing, including all the horrid things I said, sparing nothing. When I finished: He Laughed! He laughed at the whole thing, even really naughty parts! His response, when he finished laughing, was “Well, she is an odd bird, isn’t she?!”

He also suggested not talking to her without a witness again, since then she cannot formulate whatever fiction of the event she likes. He volunteered to be the mediator, and I think I will take him up on it. Egad! What a nightmare!

But I am SO relieved- it’s NOT me, it’s NOT my wacky hormones, and I’m NOT crazy! So tonite, get down on your bended knees and thank the good Lord for your mother-in-law, because I have thrown down the gauntlet, and no one can take me down!

2 thoughts on “Follow Up- Me and My Big Mouth

  1. I can’t beleive you had the guts to tell real people, that you know, what happened! If it were me, I would hole up and pretend to other family members that it never happened. You are SO brave, and humble. I hope you and MIL are able to work through this and find a happy meduim were you both are ok with each other. Good Luck with mediation. (please, I am not a bumbling idiot, but i really have spelling issues)

  2. I am SO in favor of the witness thing, because, really, once people like this have invented a fiction, it’s like fact to them, and nothing can change their mind.

    Here’s hoping she gives you the silent treatment….

    But what will you do if she calls you again? Say ‘hang on, lets get your brother on the phone?’ Or maybe youcould just say you have to go puke now.

  3. Hi, found your blog through the One Woman’s World award nominee list, and just had to comment on this one: My MIL once chewed me out, at the top of her voice for NOT PETTING THE DOG. I hurt the dog’s feelings, according to her. The real kicker? It wasn’t even her dog, it was her daughter’s, who couldn’t care less whether or not I pet her dog.

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