Unexpected Blessings

How does a thing that is a runny nose in my kids morph into bronchitis and possibly pneumonia in me? I say possibly, because they cannot x-ray my lungs right now because of the baby. But it would not be the first, second or even third time I have had pneumonia.

This time, I really think the mitigating circumstances are how run-down I already am, how tired I am, and how little I can actually keep in my tummy these days. So add in a little ‘cold’ bugger, and I’m knocked flat out. True to form, I am being stubborn- when I phoned the on-call doctor tonite and she told me to go to the ER, I didn’t. And I’m not going to, either. Monday will be here soon, and then I can see my own doctor. The ER is purgatory, and I am not hauling my butt down there, just so they can hook me up to an IV until my bladder bursts, then send me home six hours later. Done that before, no thanks- and I’m not putting the baby in danger- I know what the signs of dehydration are, and I’m ok.

The amazing thing, and the real reason I am up writing after midnight, is that some friends dropped off goodies and loves for me today. Unfortunately, I slept right though the visit, but the care packages were on the counter when I woke up. Here is the coolest thing: the care packages and tender thoughts were from women and their families that I have met through this writing- how much of a blessing has writing turned out to be?

So, while I started writing from a desperate measure and a bid to retain my sanity as a SAHM, I have garnered not only the original goal, but so very much more. There are real people, real blessings in my life that I would not know or have, otherwise. You know who you are, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and thoughtfulness. And, my kids can’t wait to eat the candy!

2 thoughts on “Unexpected Blessings

  1. I mentioned before when you found out you were having a maybe girl that I would be so excited to send you something girly, but not pink! I wish I could bring you dinner everynight. Move to AZ and I’ll help you out when ever you need it!!

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