Star Date 2132006

My kids are Trekkies. Oh, dear Lord, there it is in print- my kids are destined to be nerds to the highest degree, condemned to be the punch line of jokes, and convention attendees. Yes, my two darling boys have discovered, thanks to their father, Star Trek.

To be fair, it is specifically “Star Trek- The Next Generation” reruns that captivate their little hearts and send them flying towards the TV when they hear the music begin. And, out of all the possible Star Trek franchises, I consider this one the most redeeming- both in character development and in story lines, but aren’t I splitting hairs? The fact that I have always had the tiniest crush on Jean Luc Picard doesn’t have anything at all to do with my justifying their viewing of said program- it only makes it tolerable.

They both love the planets, the stars, the spaceships, the phasers, the Klingon costumes, the other strange aliens, and Jeffrey is fascinated with Commander Data and how he is a robot- er, excuse me, an android. Oh man, I’m geeking myself out now.

Can I justify this as science? My four-year old has learned all the planets in our Solar System, including which are the rocky planets and which are the gas giants- But no matter how cool we like to pretend we might be (not very), or how much we try and spin it, that skeleton in our closet is wearing a Communicator Badge and we are family of Total Nerds!

8 thoughts on “Star Date 2132006

  1. I was just commenting to DH today that geeks LOVE me. And I, in turn, love them. After all, love of oneself is very important 😉
    We were made to be friends!

  2. Embrace your nerdiness!

    We love Star Trek around here. Although we haven’t watched it in a really long time.

    When TNG was new, all of my husband’s family was into it. So one year for Christmas, since we couldn’t afford nice gifts for everyone, I got them each a Star Trek action figure–whichever character best fit their personality. His mom got the doctor (she was a nurse), his dad of course got Captain Picard, his brother the programmer got Data, his sister got Deanna, etc. Daniel, of course, got Worf.

    They had fun trying to guess which person would get which character once they realized the connection.

  3. OK, so my husband and I had a snow-day yesterday. The TV was tuned to Spike all day — hey, it was a good stream of TNG. Picard returns to France and wrestles his brother in the mud! Wharf has the world’s worst parent-teacher conference! Your children could be watching MUCH worse. Science, loving families, loyalty. It was the best thing since Little House on the Prarie. Sigh.

    P.S. Who DOESN’T have a little cruch on Jean-Luc. Ooh-la-la.

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