The New Meaning of Valentines Day

At 6:17 this morning, this is how my Valentines Day began:

Jeffrey: “Mom! Wake up!”. Small hands patting my face and trying to manually open my eyelids. “Mommy! Santa left us balloons and candy! Can I eat it?” Hands still probing my face.

Me: “Jeffrey, it’s still dark- go back to bed.”

Jeffrey: “Why did Santa leave balloons and candy?”

Me: “Hmmm? Sweetie, it’s Valentines Day, and they are from dad and me. Now go back to sleep, please.”

Jeffrey: “Mom! Where is my red fire engine?” I crack an eye, and his earnest and searching face in on my pillow, about 2 inches from mine.

Me: croaking- “I don’t know. Now either be quiet or go back in your room.”

Jeffrey: “MOM! You said you would never-ever-ever leave us alone, and you did!”

Me: “What are you talking about? I would never leave you alone.”

Jeffrey: “You got the balloons after we were sleeping , so you left us alone!”

Me: “Honey, dad was here. I did not leave you alone. Go back to sleep, please.”

Jeffrey: “The green boogies guys will get me if I go back to sleep. Mom! They have eyes like THIS!” making weird hand gestures.

Me: rolling over and covering head. Baby starts to kick hard. Little feet come pattering down the hallway and around my side of the bed. I crack an eye again.

Eric: “Mommy! Me ‘wake!”

Me: “I see that. Get in here and stay warm.” deluded, I am still thinking I may get a tad more sleep. New pair of hands starts to pat my face.

Eric: “My love you, Mommy. Wake up!”

Jeffrey: “MOM! the sun is up! Can we get up now and eat candy??” Begins jumping on the bed next to my head, to look out the window.

Eric: “MOM! My can’t find my bink!”

Jeffrey: “Mom, I’m calling dad to see where my red fire engine is…”

Sound of small feet running down hallway towards living room, and distant sound of Jeffrey telling Eric that Santa did not bring the balloons, but the candy was really from Grandma…

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

8 thoughts on “The New Meaning of Valentines Day

  1. Boy do I remember those days. Please, just a little more sleep…

    Of course, now it’s seminary I’m pleading with. It’s about as understanding as toddlers.

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I never thought about surprising my kids with candy. But then I’m diabetic! Haha.

  2. Bek-
    Someone else mentioned that to me, but I didn’t know where to look or what I was nominated for.

    Thanks for the link. How cool that some people like to read my mom-sanity-life-preserver.

  3. I only know because I was nominated too (and I am pretty sure I only have 6 readers) and when I saw the list you were there!! I voted for you in best writing!! You have a very easy style and say things the way that most of ous would WANT to say it!

    P.S. I am a huge star trek fan too! For my 21st bday, my best friend got me a life size cut out of Jean Luc Picard!! I still have it (but I don’t display it any more).

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