But the Flowers are Lovely…

When you send your husband to the store to get milk, what does he come home with?

The other day, I called the DH on his way home from work, and asked him to stop and pick up two gallons of whole milk for Eric. Easy, right? Here is what he came home with:

Three boxes of Coco Puff’s cereal, a bag of salted pretzels, a bag of potato chips, two half-gallons of ice cream (vanilla and mud-pie), three twelve-packs of soda, sourdough bread, chocolate syrup, Cheetos, chocolate Redi-Whip spray cream, and a bouquet of tulips for me. Oh, and the milk. At least he didn’t forget the milk!

Dumbfounded, I stared at the wild assortment of crap on my counter… coco puffs? I found myself wondering if someone slipped him a funny brownie before he left work- this looked like a raging case of the munchies if I had ever seen one! The only thing he forgot was Chocco Tacos!

$49 in crap food. $49 is basically half of my weekly grocery budget. Seriously, I wanted to get mad at him- but he brought me flowers, how could I chew him out? What are we going to do with three boxes of coco puffs? While I have been known to have a Cheeto’s attack, and my kids love them, how will I get them to eat plain ol’ Cheerio’s again if they know what coco puff’s are? And the chocolate spray whip cream? Ok, totally yummo, but the can was half empty when he got home- he says it was that way when he bought it, but I’m thinking someone was taking whipped cream hits in the car…

Honey, are you sure no one gave you a funny brownie?

12 thoughts on “But the Flowers are Lovely…

  1. Oh yeah, that sounds familiar. If I send Fozzie to the store, he comes home with Velveeta (blech), salsa, corn chips, peanut butter cups, and assorted Little Debbie stuff. He will often remember 2 of the 3 items he *needed* to get.

  2. How funny! My DH never does that. If I send him there, he’s on a mission for ONLY what is on the list. He rarely deviates. Sometimes I wish he would bring home some ice cream or flowers though….

  3. I was pretty old before I realized that treat cereal was an option for breakfast! My parents would put it in a baggie or cup and it was a treat!! They may think it is like treat, just don’t serve it in a bowl with milk.

    You can also use it as a topping for ice cream or stir it into yogurt!!

    That is kind of funny though. Just think of it as a 49$ bunch of tulips!! 🙂

  4. Good for you!! I sent dh to the store for whole milk(for the little one) and he came back with 2%, swearing that there is no such thing as whole milk. At least you got your milk.
    I am an overshopping offender. I just ran to the store for trash bags and returned with our bank account $26 lighter. Man those were some expense trash bags!!(that’s my story and I’m stickin to it)

  5. My husband has a real need for chocolate. It’s funny. I never think to buy it (being diabetic). He’ll run to the store at night for chocolate ice cream. With Magic Shell. Man I miss Magic Shell.

  6. i think its sweet – he brought home treats for his family! besides, you’ll remember that trip way longer than the times he stuck to the list – and it made a cute blog entry! well worth the bucks.

  7. My husband keeps a “secret” Little Debbie stash that’s been building up for the past few months while I’ve been sick. The later at night it is, the more junk food he brings home. It’s funny, because when I go to pick up one or two necessary items, I tend to impulse-buy produce (it’s so pretty! and makes me feel so good to see it in my cart, even if I never get around to eating it once it’s in the crisper drawer in my fridge!).

    I sent him to the store for toilet paper and monistat last night. Maybe I should check his secret hiding place to see what’s new.

  8. I realize I don’t dare try to defend myself (as outnumbered as I am). Suffice it to say T will decorate the truth.

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