Not Shilling for Votes or Anything…

So it has been brought to my attention that I am nominated in three categories at the One Woman’s World 1st Annual Share the Love Awards. Aside from the fact that I am floored someone thought to nominate my writing as inspiring, humorous or good, the list of nominees is a fabulous source of new mama-centered blogs- check it out, you might find some new ones you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Share The Love Blog Awards at

There was some code that (if I were not me) I could cut and paste as a nominee to create a fancy and very pretty banner to link to the voting, but after about 20 minutes of being unable to figure it out, I gave up. So, if you want to vote, just click the link above. What can I say? The computer fairies just don’ like me!

3 thoughts on “Not Shilling for Votes or Anything…

  1. Tracy,

    If you want, I can help you post the banner. I know absolutely NO HTML and I managed to do it. Shocker!!

    I also just saw your list on my page. AMEN. I love the idea of Godiva cheese, but I would take a brick of Tillamok Sharp Cheddar or a wedge of brie and just gnaw…

    Did you and you husband go to Italy or is that just a “wishful” thinking?

    If you want me to tell you how to do it, leave a note on my page….I can walk you through it in 2 seconds.

  2. Well i tried to give you the code that was sent to me in an email. If you email the owner of the site whe will send it to you and that seems to work. I don’t know why the one on the site doesn’t.

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