Twice in One Day

Not many women have the pleasure of saying: I had two pelvic exams in one day! Oh, yes, I did. Not just once, but twice, my friends, did I have the dubious pleasure of stripping from the waist down, shrouding my pregnant body in a miniscule paper blanket and hearing “slide down, just a bit?” as I hoisted my sock-clad feet into the holsters. Oh, joy, my life is complete!

Yesterday morning I had a little scare, and I thought I might have been leaking amniotic fluid. Without going into TMI, it was enough that I actually called my doctor, which as a third-timer, I don’t do unless something is really weird. This qualified. Of course the nurse told me to come in NOW, and as soon as I found someone to come watch the kids, I went in. My doctor had been called to surgery, so the put me in with the first available, which to my great luck, was the Drug Nazi. However, to give credit where due, she could not have been nicer or more careful. So pelvic exam #1 began. She ran three different tests to see if my waters were leaking, and it looked like everything was ok. However, she said I was dilated to 2cm, and she wanted a second opinion. Great! Get dressed and wait out front, please.

My doctor was due back in about 15 minutes, and I met his nurse in the hallway. She took me over to his office, and we sat a chatted. My doctor arrived, still wearing his surgical scrubs and trying to eat a sandwich. He talked while he ate, and it was bizarre to have this man talking about anatomy things as he chomped away on his lunch, but that’s one of the reasons I like him- he’s relaxed. He decided to do an ultrasound and check me himself, so on with pelvic exam #2. Same results as #1, water still intact, all looks well. He concurred that I am now at 2 cm. At 30 weeks, not ideal, but not terribly scary either.

Here is the cool part: during the ultrasound to check the fluid levels around the baby, he excitedly told me to look at the screen- and the baby was sucking her thumb! It was clear as day- she had her little fist up by her mouth, and was sucking away. I forgot to ask him to look at her behind one more time, I was so tickled by the thumb sucking. I don’t know how an ultrasound can be cute, but this one was!

5 thoughts on “Twice in One Day

  1. With this last baby I had, we had an ultrasound at 11 weeks because we couldn’t get a heart beat, there was the baby turning its head and waving at me with a hand. I know it didn’t mean much, but it was fun to see this little, itsy, bitsy thing moving.

  2. I have a photo from an ultrasound of my first where he’s sucking his thumb. And as soon as he was born–there he was, sucking his thumb! He didn’t have any trouble adjusting to a pacifier, though.

  3. With my first ultrasound dh was deployed so I took a friend. As we were looking at the screen she asked the tech if it was true that babies suck their thumb in the womb. Right on cue he stuck his thumb in his mouth as we watched. His mouth was always moving in ultrasounds, the techs were amazed. And sure enough he’s always been a talker.Wonder where he gets it?
    I was at 3cm for a month, and they still had to induce me, if it’s any comfort.

  4. Glad everything is okay with the preg. I always felt funny putting my socked feet in those stirups. It just felt awkward to me.
    I just saw an ultrasound where the baby was giving the thumbs up sign. It was the cutest thing!

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