A Small Promise

Two words: Stomach Flu. Every towel in the house is in the laundry, along with all bedding. If you are a mother, you then know what last night was like here. I will restrain from expounding upon said topic. Who knows if I’ve got it, I mean how could I tell? And on that note:

I, Tracy M, aka Dandelion Mama, do hereby swear that upon the commencement of this pregnancy in a few short weeks, I will never write about barf, or any derivative thereof, ever again.

And with that, I am off to do laundry.

5 thoughts on “A Small Promise

  1. Stomach Flu is my nemesis. I actually have a vomit phobia, well-earned. The last two times the stomach flu has gone through the family, I’ve ended up in the hospital and my poor, sick hubby has to take care of himself, the sick kids, and his deathly ill wife when she returns home. Then I have guilt.

  2. This is why I have poop duty and husband has vomit duty. I can’t deal. So it was hilarious when D woke up in the wee hours and J took him to the potty (standing) but no pee was coming out…instead D pooped and I have never seen J move so fast! Hope this vision puts a small smile on your face. I will think healthy thoughts for you all. Love you and miss you…AEM

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