Belly of Black Winged Bird

My friend Chelsea’s bridal shower is tomorrow down in California, and I’m sick that I’m not there. Chels and I have a relationship that predates our births; our parents went to high school together and are still good friends. So many memories of my life are totally intertwined with her family- she is the closest thing I have to a sister. The wedding is in Colorado in July, and the baby and I are going to make the trip, but it will be a whiz-bang trip, since the DH and the boys will be staying at home.

Here’s the thing about Chels- she is the most amazing and talented artist you can ever imagine, and she has been all of her life. Our home is filled with pieces of her work, from teapots, to lino-prints, charcoal drawings, ceramics, mobiles, sculptures, dolls for the boys, even a tiny clay model of our home- and the piece de resistance, a large urn, carved with a sleeping woman lying on a swirling sea of swimming fish. That was our wedding present.

So what did I send her for her bridal shower? It makes me cringe to even say this, but I just ordered something from her registry at Crate & Barrel- how’s that for bombing? Oh, I know she understands, and I do have something underway, but my belly is making it really difficult for me to make art these days. I am hoping that I will have completed it by July- that’s realistic, right?

Chels and I have not really lived near each other for any of our adult lives, so we have always corresponded via postal mail. Strange and odd things can go through the mail, did you know that? My very favorite thing from Chels came years ago, but I still have it. We both have an affinity for crows, for some odd reason, but anyway… A box came in the mail, and the paper wrapping had been stitched and sewn, and it was painted black over the threads. Etched into the paint were the words “Belly of a Black Winged Bird”. When I opened the box, there was a nest she had woven out of real grasses, and in it, a large terra cotta egg. In order to find the message she was sending me, I had to break the egg open. Inside was her letter, along with some assorted wildflowers, a string of beads, some cats-eye marbles, tiny brass beads, and a clay sculpture of a toe.

This is the woman to whom I just sent some bathroom accessories. Do you see why I am hanging my head? Here’s hoping the wedding present comes off with more panache!

4 thoughts on “Belly of Black Winged Bird

  1. She sounds amazing…… and definitely worth holding on to.

    If she even notices the “lack” in the gift (which she may not) – then she seems like an insightful enough person to know where your heart lies and leave it at that…. And if she doesn’t understand your inability to make your life (i.e. gifts given) and your wishes one and the same…. she will soon.

  2. Sounds like you are such wonderful friends with each other than I’m sure she knows what you’re going through. Thus the added support she sends. Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll add the desired zing to the wedding present, and if not, you have a lifetime of friendship to make it up to her. 🙂

  3. If she gets mad at you than tell her she can totally be my friend instead! ;)For the record, I don’t have a creative bone in my little body, so I find all artists Amazing.
    She wouldn’t have registered for it if she didn’t need it. Did she have “Amazingly creative, Instrospective, and Otherworldly Painting” on her registry? See, you got her just what she needed. Besides, it keeps her guessing about what the wedding gift will be…

  4. Just read your blog-what a sweatie you are to write that. i don’t ‘expect’ anything from you…what you give me is so great T-don’t worry your pretty little heart about a registry gift. and as some of these great people have said…yes i need towels and plates…especially plates! tired of eating off chipped plates! your gift is appreciated whatever it is. love-ccg.

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