Better and Better

It’s getting worse. The kids ran downstairs to play, and slipped in a big puddle of water on the way to the family room. The hot water heater has sprung a leak- and is slowing puddling all of its many gallons of water all over my downstairs. So me, with a belly the size of a beach ball is on the floor with every towel in the house, and a two and four-year old “helping” me, wipe up buckets of water. I call DH at work, he gets on it and has ordered another one and the guys should be here this afternoon to fix it.

SO, NOW we are spending our tax return before I can even figure out how to get the %$#!&*#? thing filed. Oh, so happy about all this!

And Jeffrey is upstairs picking on Eric, and currently crying in his room because he cannot get his snowboots on. They can’t play in the play room because, for some reason, letting them play near puddle of water and an electic water heater just doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. And it rolls on…

One thought on “Better and Better

  1. What is it about Water heaters and babies nearly due that don’t mix. Our broke right before I was due, and could go anytime, so there we were getting a new water heater, and not taking the time to look around for a good deal! We had to go in more debt to get it, we didn’t even have the tax return to fall back on. Just figures that life goes on when babies are due!
    Hang in there, and listen to your body, it gives you warning signs for a reason. Trust me, I’m a nurse and worked with sick newborns. Just try to take it easy. I know easier said than done!

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