I’m stuck in computer hell- I cannot get the #&%! patch for the TaxCut- and thus I cannot file my tax return. I was online with Norton Antivirus all last night, and I cannot figure out what to do. Their online tech help was NO help at all- dead end after dead end- and to call them costs $29 bucks. Im stuck in computer hell. Help. Me.

One thought on “Help!

  1. You motivated me to open up my TurboTax yesterday, what with it only taking you a few hours and all. My computer hell comes in the form of the computer is not reading the CD. At all. ‘Please enter a disc into Drive D’) There IS a $$%$!disc in there! So I can’t WAIT to share this problem with you, if I ever get the computer to realize there’s a CD in there, longing to do my taxes for me.

  2. You have just given me irrefutable proof that I did a smart thing by marrying an accountant who loves taxes mor than me 🙂 I hope your problems work out.

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