Butter Snack

While I was downstairs starting some laundry earlier (I know, I know, but I wasn’t carrying baskets or anything, only moving clothes from washer to dryer) I noticed that peculiar silence that sends off danger bells in any Mama with a two-year old.

“Eric?! Where are you?” No answer. Eerie quiet.

He was downstairs with me and Jeffrey, playing in the play room- but he’s not there anymore. I waddle upstairs (screaming ligament/groin pain- the baby has dropped) calling his name. No answer. My voice gets a little sharper, “Eric, where are you- tell Mama right now!”

As I enter his room, he is under his bed, and I see his little hands poking out, and his shiny little eyes and pink cheeks- he is peeking out at me, looking very proud of himself and a little sheepish at the same time. “What’re you doing?” I ask.

From under the bed he pulls a blue cardboard box and some wax paper wrappers, proudly showing me “My have BUTTER mama!” He had helped himself to a pound of butter from the ‘fridge and had unwrapped them and begun to have a little… snack…under his bed. His cheeks and chin were all glossy with butter, but only one of the sticks actually had bites taken from it yet.

It was impossible not to laugh. Sometimes I wish I could go hide under the bed with a pound of butter, too. We have to get a ‘fridge lock. Today.

7 thoughts on “Butter Snack

  1. I absolutely used to eat butter as a child. Constantly.
    Someone once told my mom it could be a sign of a vitamin deficiency, but that may be an old wives tale. Hope you have a stock pile of butter on hand!

  2. I had a friend (when I was about 3&4 years old) who always used to do that. I remember being babysat at her house and she would sneak into the fridge and sneak butter all the time….. but it never appealed to me personally.

  3. My lulu bird cult LOVES butter. It is her favorite treat. If she eats her food at the table she gets a big old tablespoon of it.

    My friend Suzi (who reads this but doesn’t comment…) does the same with her son Connor. He loves to eat it too. I say, let them eat butter while they have the metabolism for it….

  4. Whenever I try and tell my daughter that no, she can’t eat a stick of butter before she eats her dinner (as I said before, it is a treat), my mother in law always says “oh, but they need the fat for their brains, they just need it”.

    So, when she stays with grandma, I know she will be fed well…..

  5. My little brother did this when he was little, only my family bought margarine, so it was even grosser. Also, I remember sneaking some into my room so I could make a margarine sculpture (I was definitely old enough to know better). Bad, bad children.

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