Stupid Girls

Has anyone seen the new video by Pink?? Flipping around the other day, we came across “Stupid Girls” on VH1- so totally funny! I wasn’t really a fan of hers (or any really pop-y music) but this song is hilarious- and sharp.

She pokes serious fun at all the ding-a-ling ditzy pop icons that are continuously paraded in the media these days- and she does it with flair and humor- lamenting “whatever happened to wanting to be president??” It’s a great song, especially as a counter to the vast and constant barrage of young, vapid, vacant and materialistic women our entertainment media tells us girls want to emulate. Three cheers for Pink!

4 thoughts on “Stupid Girls

  1. I think Paris Hilton is the best female role model ever….Yeah, right!!!
    Every female celebrity out there has their g-string in a twist about this song and I think it’s great. It’s about time we move out of this “stupid Barbie’s are cute” phase and get back to raising strong women.

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