Statistics Lie

According to Google, the Alpine Salamander, native to Austria, has the worlds longest gestation, at 38 months. The African Elephant holds the mammalian record, (excluding present company), at 25 looooong months (and in the heat, too!). The Blue Whale, our Earths present reining size-queen (again, present company excluded) has a meager gestation of 12 months.

At present, I have been gestating for 6378 hours, fully half of which have been spent throwing up. Maybe I could write some sort of hit Broadway musical out of that, eh? Just thought you might need to know…

2 thoughts on “Statistics Lie

  1. I’ve heard it said that a horrible pregnancy means a relatively easy birth– the idea being that you’ve already paid yo’ dues… Here’s to hopin!!

    (BTW, the elephant gestation reminds me of a sign I saw on someone’s desk once: “getting anything done around here is like mating elephants. It’s done on a high level, it’s accompanied by a lot of trumpeting and noise, and it takes 2 years to get results.”

  2. You could possibly be the first woman in recorded history to be walking around with a 30 year old in your womb…
    (Extra points for fitting a RENT reference into a post, I think you just pulled ahead of Heathen and me)

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