Six Degrees of Weirdness

Lammy Ann tagged me for six weird thing about myself that I have never shared with y’all. Is there anything left I haven’t covered? Oh, yes, this well runs deeeeeep! The only problem is what do I choose to unveil, without risking frightening you away! This is a good diversion- seeing as how the Pit of Serpents is wrestling with the smallish pachyderm in my blue-whale sized uterus, I may as well try and distract myself!

  1. Flat soda rocks. Things with bubbles in them freak me out. When I crack open a soda, I use a straw and blow in it until it goes mostly flat. I have always felt that way about bubbles, even as a kid- I hated soda pop because I didn’t yet know the trick of making it flat.
  2. I have a terrible phobia of sharks. Any and all sharks. Hate them. They make me feel like my throat is closing up and I can’t breathe. Even in pictures. They’re going to eat me. Yuck. Bad.
  3. Poop, barf, blood, totally can roll with it. Doesn’t phase me- but if a grown man spits on the ground, I have to fight the desire to barf and then sock him. Nothing grosser to me. Nothing.
  4. I would rather clean the bathrooms 3 times over than do the dishes once. Seriously. I hate doing dishes- everything about it- even putting the clean ones away- ugh. Hate it.
  5. When I was little, I was afraid if I fell asleep with my hands out from under my pillow, when I woke up they would be webbed. Like a duck. For some reason, under my pillow, they were safe from the webbing fairies.
  6. I’m a picker. Like a big monkey, I cannot leave my husband or my children alone- if they have a stray hair or something where it does not belong, I will beg, plead, barter and badger until I can pluck that hair, pop that pimple or do whatever it is that needs righting. I have even offered to pay my husband to let me pluck his eyebrow. Sad.

So there it is. How totally boring a life that those are my weird things! Ok, those are my weird things I am willing to confess in a public forum. Mostly anonymous public forum. I’m a chicken. What can I say?

9 thoughts on “Six Degrees of Weirdness

  1. Tracy, I am SO a picker! I’m always looking for little things to pick at…It’s nice to have someone else willing to admit to that! LOL Oh and the spitting thing too makes me want to throw up! Just the face men make when they have something in their mouth to spit makes me gag!

  2. I hate the eyebrow thing on men too. My brother in law has the unibrow thing going on and it drives me crazy to talk to him. Its like a giant hair worm has taken over his forehead. I have convinced my husband to keep his under control though. I had to physically threaten him AND start plucking them while he was asleep though before he got the hint.

  3. LOL! I’m am also a picker. Peeling sunburns, nail polish, anything. I embarass my DH constantly by picking lint and hair off others in public. Okay, I’m a little obsessive.

  4. I’ve seen a lot of blog posts on the weirdness stuff, and I just can’t believe now unweird people are.

    Of course, my brothers, who are even weirder than I, thought my weird list was tame.

  5. I’ve had to bribe my husband so I could pick his stray eyebrows (which can get GROSSLY long). Yeah, he thinks I’m a freak. One time he refused to let me pluck them, so I convinced him to let me trim them. If we ever divorce, it will totally be about eyebrow plucking.

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