28 thoughts on “Maybe Today…

  1. YIPPEEE!!!!
    “there’s no place like home.. there’s no place like home…
    there’s no place like home….”
    Can’t wait to here all about it when you get home darlin’!

  2. YOu could do a play on Actually and call her Ashley!!🙂 That would be great story.

    I am glad she is still a girl and that you can stop being sick all the time. Can’t wait to see pictures….

  3. Wahoo! Congratulations! Sounds like it was pretty much what you expected as far as labor and delivery. Glad all is well and look forward to hearing about it in your own words!

  4. The baby girl has a name….. Abigail Kathryn.

    We love you Sis, David and the boys. We can’t wait to see the little one and you all!!! Love Eric, Jackie & CJ

  5. Congratulations Tracy!! To use one of myh favorite Dorothy parker quotes, “We all knew you had it in you.”😛

    I hope you’re feeling much better than you were the past nine months.

    Best wishes!

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