Maybe. Absolutely. Abigail…

Hi Everyone! My name is Tracy, and I used to be pregnant! I’m not anymore!! Can I just say that again, world? I am NOT pregnant anymore, in the best possible way, and I am the proud mama of a lovely, chunky and voracious little Absolutely. Abigail Kathryn (named and spelled funky for and just like my grandma) was born on Tuesday morning at 11:16, and weighed in at a substantial 8 pounds, 12 ounces.

I just have one thing to say to all you “natural” mama’s out there; those of you amazing women who push your babies out sans medication or pain killers, who are at peace and are empowered by the artful act of giving birth: ARE YOU NUTS??? On Tuesday morning, I had a little surprise… My previous birthing experiences were pleasant, albeit tiring, perhaps a little tender, and certainly sore post-partum, but all in all, fairly civil. My drugs worked, my coping skills were never really called upon in full bloom, and the nether-regions remained humanely numb.

How’s this for quick? Around 11 a.m my contractions suddenly got very strong. The nurse checks me, and I am at a 7- no biggie, right? I’ve been 5 for weeks, so we’ve probably got days until Maybe decides to appear- but I ask for drugs anyway, seeing as how they are getting big enough to be uncomfortable. I had no idea. Seriously, no idea what uncomfortable was- but I was about to find out! In the time it took the anesthesiologist to get there, about 5 minutes, I went from 7 to 10. I screamed at the poor guy to give me something, and he foolishly tried to reason with me, as I screamed, that there was nothing he could do- it was too late. Ok, to my credit, I never totally lost it and cursed or really bellowed, but I did let loose with a few (ok, more than a few) yells that bordered on ‘water buffalo” in their lady-likeness and femininity.

The nurses were running things in the room to try and prep for baby, loudly commanding that I “not push!” until the doctor got there, (Yeah, right!) and I could feel the baby’s head coming down, and all the glorious, burning, stinging, PRESSURE and insane intensity I never even imagined. HOLY COW, I GOTTA PUSH! NOW! My doctor literally RAN from his office across the street to the birthing center and into my room, putting his scrubs on as he entered the room. Oh, and the whole “breathing through it” thing? Try this: Go outside and hit your thumb with a roofing hammer really hard every 30 seconds for about 15 minutes, and cope by “breathing through it”! You get the idea?

The “ring of fire” the natural birthing books talk about? Been there. Walked through it. In the space of exactly 16 minutes, I went from dilated to 7 and coping well, to having my baby on my stomach instead of in it. That’s got to be some kind of inhuman record, right? Sixteen minutes. Sixteen minutes….

So, I have a lovely daughter. That is SO weird to say! We are all well, the boys are totally happy and LOVE their sister, even Eric has been really sweet and gently- not at all jealous like I anticipated he might be. I am now an eating machine. Human food comsumptor- put it in front of me and I will eat it! Last night at the hospital, I ate all my dinner, then called room service and asked for another one! There is no way to describe how great it was to EAT and feel good- I haven’t been sick in over 24 hours now! I guess I better watch it, but for this first week, I’m going to eat like flippin’ Cookie Monster! Bring it ON!

I hear my little love bug calling out as only a newbie can- I best go be mama now. I just want to thank everyone for all the support throughout the worlds longest and most hellish pregnancy- It’s going to be fun getting to know each other as regular people now! I am so happy that my brain will shortly be returning… Oh, and to any first-timers out there who I know (or who lurk)- Don’t be afraid- really. It was all worth it. Seriously, every minute. All worth it. If I can say that, you have nothing to fear…

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  1. Wow! 16 minutes?!? you should print this story in her baby book – shoot you should print most of this blog. lol…

    I’m so glad you are doing better. I’m so very happy for you!!

  2. Are you home already?!! That is great. Congratulations to you all. I look forward to your visit down here. AEM

  3. Hooray for you and your whole family who have now survived the experience! And hooray for all your food staying down!

    And thanks for the encouragement to those of us waiting for our little ones to really arrive.

  4. Yay Tracy! Welcome back…it is so wonderful to hear (okay, read) you so cheerful and back to (crazy) normalness! (And isn’t that first meal after the baby arrives so heavenly? No heartburn, no throwing up, no discomfort…hooray!) I have been SO impressed with the way you have made it through all this with such a sense of humor. You are such a great example to me, as I gear up to start work on number three. Congratulations to you, to your husband, and to your boys…and welcome to Abigail! (Which, btw, not that you need my approval, is a very sweet name…)

  5. Yeah! Tracy! You are so awesome! Glad to have you back amoungst the living eating people of the world. 😉 May I suggest a #4 from Wendy’s (bacon cheeseburger mmmm). As well as a chocolate lasagna from the Olive Garden. 🙂 Enjoy and pig out lady. Last I heard you had gained a whole -6 lbs. You must at least gain 16lbs this week because it is downright illegal to not be at least 10 over what you started. So pig out enjoy and live it up!

  6. Yay! So happy for you that all went well. Abigail is a lovely name.

    Does she have red hair? (Or any hair?)

    My second was just like that too. Only I didn’t know it was hurting so bad because I needed to be pushing. And my doctor (who couldn’t get there in time–I still don’t know who it was that delivered my daughter, some other doctor who happened to be there) had told me I’d have hours of pushing. Try three or four pushes and there she was!

  7. Congratulations Tracy. I am very happy that your little Abigail showed up safe and sound. And that you are finally not pregnant. Enjoy eating. I know I was hungry all the time after this last baby, and I didn’t even throw up like you do!
    I really love the name Abigail. I wanted to name my little one (four months now) Abigail. But DH was not fond of the name like I was.

    Enjoy this new baby time. It goes by too fast(unlike pregnancy!)

  8. i can’t believe you are posting already! You must really like us! Or maybe you knew we’d hunt you down for the birth story if you didn’t tell us soon.:)

    Congrats again – Abigail is a gorgeous name, and I’m glad she was healthy, I’m glad your intense pain was only 16 minutes, although I’m sorry you had that 16 minutes. Did you have pitocin?

  9. Tracy, we missed you, and we’re glad you’re back. Abigail, welcome to the “outside” world. Best wishes for a happy and healthy life.

  10. Welcom little Abigail. Now Tracy, come and get these clothes…..there are boxes and boxes of pink out here waiting for you guys….

  11. Congratulations! Such wonderful, happy news for you and your whole family. I’m sure Abigail is just amazing.

    Yeah for eating again! Bon appetite!

  12. The thing with labor is, if I could be absolutley poitive that the pain would only last 16 minutes (or even 60) I could do natural. I would scream and yell, but I could do it. If only it could be guaranteed . . .

    Congratulations on the new arrival! You sound awfully upbeat for just having a baby.

  13. Yup, been there done that with my last two! The Doctors never made it to the delivery, well actually he did with Kendra barely, missed it entirely with Abbie. 4 to delievery in about 5 minutes with her, definetly less than 10. Glad everything is good and you are all doing well. Love that little one, that is the best thing in the world!

  14. Wow! I’m so happy for you! As fast as it was–whoa!

    But, I mean, think about it, your uterus has been working out and building up for weeks now. It was *ready*!

    Next time we’re on the dry side of the mountains, we’ll try and arrange to stop by.


  15. Don’t worry Tracy…. I still believe it’ll be worth it, although I will not be sad if I miss out on the ring of fire part! You can tell war stories all you want – nobody has earned it like you have!

    I did the ala natural thing with all but the last one. As soon as I walked into the hospital, I said “Epidural Please” as fast as I could. The anestesiologist was wonderful– and I proposed to him. He mumbled–“Usually I’m offered cars and money”. LOL

  17. Oh how you brought back the memories. Three induced labors with no pain meds. I so remember the pain! I can’t relate to those women that say they can’t remember. I did it a fourth time..not induced…no pain meds..2 beautiful sweet precious hours from first wince to last push. It’s such a beautiful miracle and I kind of envy your whole experience. Congratulations!!

  18. What a lovely name. Oh my heck! 16 minutes! Land speed record! But then again there was the five weeks of contractions at 5cm. So add that in and you’ve got a loooooong labor! Excellent! A daughter! Congratulations!

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