Sunday Morning at Our House

About 5 this morning, as I’m just getting Abigail back to sleep and thinking about how soft my own pillow is, little feet come padding down the hallway.

“Mama, when is it gonna be morning? When will the sun come up? Why are you out here?” My darling Jeffrey attempts to whisper in a loud-four-year old way. His hair is a red haystack from going to bed with it damp, and he has new freckles sprinkled on his nose from playing outside all day yesterday, and my heart melts at the picture he makes in the pre-dawn light.

“It’s still night time, go back to bed honey. The sun will up in a little while.” Even as I say this, I see the first purple streaks through the blinds, and hope he doesn’t notice.

“Why is Abby up? Can I stay up too?”

“Even Mama is going back to sleep- and Abby needed to eat, now she is asleep too.” I get up and move towards her room.

He follows me, scratching his belly, “Mama, are you going to use the sucker thing to get the milk out of your boobies for Abby?” Ugh, sometimes I wonder if my boys know too much.

“No, I’m going to bed, come on.” He grabs a blanket from the couch and drags it down the hallway toward my room. Of course he is getting in bed with us.

We get in bed and he wiggles in between DH and I, tosses and turns and flops and finally settles down. The sky is now moving from purple to lavender, and I wonder at the likelihood of actually getting anymore sleep…

The room gets quiet, breathing falls into soft patterns, and I know DH is back asleep and I hope Jeffrey is close. The window over the bed is open, and cool morning air is falling in on our heads, as we snuggle warm under the soft comforters. I love this time of year when the mornings are like this- cool enough to be refreshing and not too cold to leave the window open all night. Yum.

“Daddy!” Jeffrey breaks the quiet and my hope he was asleep, “Daddy! There is a sickness, I don’t know what it’s called, that you can get if you get really cold! It makes your body go to sleep, and you better close the window before we all get sickness and go to sleep!” Yes, heaven forbid we go to sleep.

DH groans and gets up to close the window, without commenting. I am trying to snerkle a laugh, at the same time noticing the sky is now moving from lavender to the first streaks of blue… sigh. Abby starts to squawk down the hall, and DH goes to tend her, leaving me with the tiniest of hopes that I might actually get to sleep. Jeffrey hasn’t noticed the sky yet, so hope is alive.

But then the birds begin to chirp. Oh, the birds… Long ago, my own little early bird noticed the birds chirp right before dawn, and has made the correlation with the birds and the ability to get up.

“MOM! Do you hear the birds??! Do you?”And so our day begins…

Happy Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning at Our House

  1. Ah, mornings. I too was up before the sun, but to get ready for work. I think Levi knows it’s morning too, ‘cuz he kicks like crazy in the morning.

    How long does it take to get use to NOT having a baby in you belly again? I am almost to the point when I don’t remember what my body felt like before pregnancy…(sigh) 🙂

  2. I love the beauty of this post. I’m not the greatest of morning people so I miss far too many sunrises, still as much as you wanted your sleep what a moment of wonderful reflection of the good things around you! Thank you for bringing some light to my world today.

  3. You have inspired me to take note of the more positive sides of being up shorty after “sleeping” at 5 in the morning. My 5 year old once said, when I asked why she was up already, “The birds told me it was time to get out of bed!”. LOL

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