The Giant Hormone

Today I’m craaaaaaazy mama. Abby is four weeks old, and I think my hormones are going ape- I feel like I’m on the Giant Hormone, a super-roller-coaster that spins, zigs, zags, drops perilously off the edge and yells at my kids for me. Hooray!

Jeffrey’s preschool graduation was today too. It was supposed to be on Saturday, but was rained out, so voila, today instead. It was cute- they put on a little presentation about the jungle and he was alternately a frog, a lion, and got to play a musical instrument that he beat on his forehead to get to chime. Perfection for a four-year old- at least mine. Per normal, I am learning, for these “school” events, is annoying parents. Why-oh-why would you actually go up on the stage to reprimand your child during the little program? Yes, I have pictures of a giant white-pant clad butt bending over to scold it’s child while mine sang his froggy song. And why would you sit in the front row, then proceed to stand up and film your prodigy the whole time? Most of the “filmers” were in the back, utilizing their zoom features, capturing their darling gifted one, and still being kind to those around them…

Oh, and the joys of trying to applaud and let Jeffrey see that I am watching, while trying to keep a legitimate eye on Eric, and discreetly (ha!) nurse the Tiny Voracious One- yes, filming anything was out of the question for me. Three kids, two eyes- I just can’t seem to make my third eye work. Bad mom. But I did snap a few still pics. (Remind me tell you how Abby is actually nursing, something I never thought I would experience in this life…Miracles, people, they happen…)

So this general bitchyness (can I say that? It’s borderline, but today…) feels a lot like raging PMS, but Abby is only 4 weeks old- what’s the deal? Never had that happen before with the boys. I think the irritation has just been amplified by having to haul three kids to a graduation thingy in the sun, stand around for an hour, deal with other parents I don’t necessarily relate to, and listening to my clothes dryer whiiiiiiiine at me all day. It’s laundry day, and I’m fantasizing about large appliances.

That’s when you know you’re really a married mama- new, large appliances are what do it for ya. *Sigh*

8 thoughts on “The Giant Hormone

  1. Don’t forget the lack of sleep as a factor.

    When my youngest was 1 or 2 and I’d have to take him with me to see my oldest’s kindergarten performances, he’d totally embarrass me by running up in front of all the kids, putting out his hand in a “stop” motion (like a policeman) and yelling, “STOOOOOOOPPP!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” in the middle of their singing.

  2. don’t rule out PPD. My emotions were up and down like you wouldn’t believe. One day I would be as happy as a lark, the next day sobbing my eyes out! Keep a close eye on it and don’t be afraid to do something about it!

  3. TM- there is a post about the nursing thing in the works- I feel since I have given so much info on the mamary scene, I owe everyone an update on what the Voracious One had accomplished- that which a 1000 hours on a pump could not…

  4. Well it sounds like I would have been irritated with the antics of some people’s parents too… so it’s not just you. Let me know if you ever get that 3rd eye to work, that’d be a trick!

  5. Wow, you have a nurser? That is great…..and preschool graduations? Don’t get me started. Really.

    You have crossed the threshold that terrifies my husband. When there are more of them then there are of us……

  6. Oh, man, Susan M! I thought my two year old was the only kid who did that. This week there was a school talent show, kindergarten graduation and third grade awards program I had to drag him to. Every time anyone would sing he’d yell, “STOOOOOPPPP!!” and whenever anyone clapped he’d scream, “No! I don’t YIKE IT!!!!”

    It’s been a long, hard week.

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