Making Sense Of It…

This lovely post by Deborah at Exponent II sums up beautifully how I felt, and still feel about the statement read in church on Sunday. I am struggling and tender, and I can’t hide that fact. I never want to feel like running out of church again.

I am also adding a link to a previous post on how I feel about this whole topic. The idea of ammending the Constitution- creating a law when there are already laws in place is strange, and ammending the Constitution is not something do be done lightly. Just my two-cents. And I’m not trying to be rebelious, either. My heart is torn up.

5 thoughts on “Making Sense Of It…

  1. Uh oh, were they preaching about us again?

    Went to the Madonna concert tonight, fabulous. Never seen so many gay guys in one place in my life!

    Love ya.

  2. I am with ubercyl…because I am a convert, and, hey born and raised in san francisco (ever wondered why the temple is in Oakland?!) to think being gay was a moral sin…never, ever, ever came up.
    That was until I joined the church. It has been a HUGE stumbling block for me too, and what was said on Sunday…well…makes me sick to my stomach.
    But, as we are on Earth, and nothing here is perfect…esecially not the Church, I will be content to be part of a small vocal minority on this issue. At church, and in my community…isn’t that what we are called to do? Speak up for our faith and for God, Love, and Forgiveness?
    In Peace,

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