Surprises in the Mail

I really wish this picture was better, then you could see the amazing embroidery on this little sampler sent to me today by the marvelous Em. Another internet friend that turns out to be a wonderful, kind and talented woman in real life.

It is a darling scene with a little red-headed girl in a buggy, with Abby’s birth information added, circled by a ring of flowers. It looks like it is embroidered on tea-dyed linen, too… I love it! It’s hanging over the changing table.

The thing is, I have never seen such fine embroidery- the stitches are perfect and tiny and neat- it really looks like a sampler from 100 years ago when the ladies knew what they were doing. Now I have to come up with another idea for Em’s first baby, due later this summer- because this lady makes me look like a hack! Thanks, Em. Very, very much.

8 thoughts on “Surprises in the Mail

  1. Wow, that’s awesome. I was going to send you a baby mix cd, btw, but never got past the initial burn to test it out phase. If you want it I’ll try to get it in the mail, but it won’t compare to that!

  2. That’s beautiful Em! And Tracy, I’m sure you’re just as talented, if maybe in a different way. And I have to say it’s awesome you can appreciate the time and work that goes into a piece like that. I know from experience that not every cares or notices, so when someone does it mean a lot.

  3. Yeah! (You’re welcome)
    It won’t be nearly as useful as the exploding box though.

    Hope it was a decent shade of PINK… I was stressing about that.

  4. Have no fear Em, I’ve seen Tracy’s work, and she’s no hack. Whatever you get from her will most assuredly be AWESOME.
    I am so in awe of all the talented people I’ve come across on the internet. Especially you Em, needlework is a skill that I really didn’t have the patience to master. And for someone you’ve technically never met…well, that’s amazing!

  5. The pattern is by a company called Mac-A-Doodles, and I must point out that Mr. Renn made the frame! Credit where credit is due!

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