Run ‘Em Ragged

It is possible I have discovered the trick to keeping little boys in line: Run them ragged! The last two days, I have taken the boys to the park and let them run for hours, and then today, to a friends house where they wrestled and ran and climbed and ran some more for, literally 5 hours. The two other mom’s and I made doughnuts from scratch while our 6 boys tore the yard apart.
(Do you know that doughnuts eaten while standing at a kitchen counter have no calories? It’s true, my friend told me so.)

And do you know what? There have been little or no behavior problems in our house. Today when we got home, poor little Eric could barely pick up his feet to walk in the house, and Jeff has been complaining that his legs hurt. Hooray! Eric is in bed, sound asleep already, and I’m listening on the baby monitor to the DH brush Jeffrey’s teeth and put his jammies on right now. No griping, no mouthing off, just mellow, tired and compliant kids…

Oh, happy, happy day! I think I can do this, I really do.

5 thoughts on “Run ‘Em Ragged

  1. Yeah! Especially when they are running themselves ragged and you don’t have to try to keep up. Sounds brilliant!

  2. I heard other moms say that same thing. They say “if I don’t get my kid to a park by is a nightmare”. I am starting to see that w/ the boy. When he is bored…life is not fun at my house. If I can manage to exhause him at the park….Whhooopieee.

    The only problem w/ my plan is that going to the park is SO BORING and I refuse to push on the swings. GOing to a friends house and eating donughts is a much better idea.

    Good for you.

  3. Bek- I thought I was the only mom in the world who hates pushing the swings! I like to swing, but basically, unless I meet a friend, I am bored stiff at the park.

    Doughnuts and chatting with the ladies was much more fun…

  4. This reminds me of that car commercial – where the parents take their two hyper kids over to the uncle’s house, who feeds them cotton candy, and then takes them running. Up hills, on treadmills… then more cotton candy… more running… the parents pick up the now-sleeping kids and say to each other, “How does he do it?”

    I love the “get to the park by 10” idea. And the friends making doughnuts idea, too.

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