Quickly, Before Church…

My sons are breastfeeding their dolls.

This morning, while I was feeding Abby, they both come out with their dolls, although Eric’s is actually a baby doll, Jeffrey’s is a stuffed cow- We just will leave that one alone. Anyway, they proceed to sit down on the floor, pull their shirts up, and shove their dollies to their sweet, flat, boy chests. The look on my husband’s face was a mixture of wanting to laugh, and sheer horror.

4 thoughts on “Quickly, Before Church…

  1. ::snicker::

    I bet your husband is a little freaked. I think my oldest son tried the same thing. Heck, I think all my sons have tried the same thing.

  2. All my kids practiced right along side me every time. They grow out of it, especially if it is not a big deal. My older brothers embarrassed my mom with this same thing in front of all my very grown up uncles. They were shocked in horror of the whole sight. LOL

  3. I think it’s cute! I don’t think it’s at all shocking. My son thinks he’s growing a brother in his tummy like me. Either way, they just imitate what they see. Boobs don’t become special to boys until quite a while later.

    If they were, say, twelve and doing this that’d be a whole ‘nother story, of course…

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