9 thoughts on “My “Top Five” List

  1. I know you do your best to deal with her, but the parenting makes me sick comment was beyond ANY sort of decency. I’m gonna vote that as the line you draw for denied entry into the house. That or you’ll just have to find a calm way to tell her to butt out. We both know I’m not really good at those, but I’ll go first:
    “I know my parenting makes you sick, and in the interest of BOTH of us not losing our breakfast because of your presence, I suggest you leave peacefully before I throw you out on your whacked little head”
    Sounds like a good start to me..

  2. I’m with mo mommy – whenever she comes over, you should tell her that the ‘non-Jesus freaks’ are ruining this country, and hand her any and all of the following:

    1 – a cross
    2 – a CTR ring
    3 – a Bible
    4 – a Book of Mormon
    5 – a Jesus fish for her car
    6 – a WWJD shirt

    I know Mormons don’t do most of that stuff, but she doesn’t know that, right?

    In fact, you could just give her something new every time, it could be a game, what Jesus stuff could we give Grandma this week? hee hee

    Seriously, you just need to find a way to protect yourself. I like to use a raincoat analogy. Whenever I know I’m going to see a certain person very much like your MIL, I imagine I’m putting on a raincoat. Every time a barb comes out of her mouth, it’s like rain hitting the coat. It doesn’t hit me, I’m protected. When I leave, I remove the raincoat in my mind, shake off the rain, and go about my day as if the storm never happened. It sounds kind of weird, but it really does work for me. I hope you can find something that works for you.

  3. The in-law or the real one? I am voting for the real one.

    Disneyland should be a blast. Atleast you and I are driving together!

  4. Isn’t it funny how a dozen sane people telling you that you are a fabulous mother can’t seem to make up for one crazy person telling you that you are not? Doesn’t seem fair. But you know what…. I’m willing to bet that your parenting is SO far superior to hers…. that for her to say such a thing is genuinely comical. You have my permission to bust up laughing if she says it again.

  5. Susan, Ha! I LOVE the t-shirt idea- and I would never run out of material!!

    Thanks being so nice everyone. If only it was my MIL, it would be so much easier to deal with!

  6. Thats what I thought, as much as you dislike the mil I knew she would never say that to your face. Thats a job only one person can do!

  7. Possible comebacks to “Your parenting makes me sick”:

    1) So does yours.

    2) Here’s a puke bowl.

    3) Your butt makes me sick.

    4) Your ____ makes me sick (have a little fun with this one).

    5) Please leave before you have to call 911.

  8. You are a wonderful mother, and an awesome Jesus freak, and I totally admire what you do with your wild bunch.

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