Tuesday I took the Monkeys to see “Cars”, and I am still recovering. Not from the movie- it was cute and we’ll add it to our arsenal when Costco gets the DVD, but recovering from the experience of taking a 2 year-old, 4 year-old and 7-week-old to the movies. By. Myself.

It was a rookie mistake, but I’m no rookie. I am however, still asking myself “why?” and trying to calm down the tic that has taken over the left half of my face. Let’s just say Eric won’t be going to any movies for, oh, say, maybe a few years. Jeffrey was enthralled and well-behaved, and Abby, well-fed and snuggled in her seat, slept through almost the whole movie.

The saving grace was that it was a noon matinee on a Tuesday- anyone who didn’t appreciate a child rolling on the floor and occasionally biting his mother- could easily have moved. I paid my king’s ransom for the tickets and the king-kong sized popcorn, and I wasn’t going to leave. Enough said.

So, if you have little ones who can sit still for more than 22 minutes, have a go at it. The animation is stellar, per normal for the Disney/Pixar mix, the story is cute and has a good moral, there are some genuinely funny moments- I really liked the tractors and the glow-in-the-dark cars. Beautifully done.

But if you see a woman with a string of red-headed boys and a baby somewhere on her body, you might want to find a seat somewhere else. Away. Far away. Enjoy your movie.

8 thoughts on “CARS

  1. I took the kids today…it was fantasic…I loved the movie. Now I did have an extra kiddo and another mom with her two boys and the babysitter so it was a good time, and P fell asleep! AEM

  2. HA! Hearing this story first hand had me crying, I was laughing so hard. Sweetie, we are going to havea good time in August. I promise.

  3. Wow… hopefully that was a smallish quantity of biting, or else I’m surprised you caught any of the movie at all!

    (Yet again… I have lots of angst about having boys… girls seem so much easier! Oh well, right?)

  4. My girls were perfect the whole time, but my son decided after about an hour and a half that he was done, and started throwing popcorn at random people, then running his car from McDonald’s down the aisles, then had a poopy diaper, so I missed much of the end of the movie. It was a good show, though.

  5. Jacob got bored towards the end (the romance does NOTHING for him), so he started swinging from the rail in front of us, flipping around it and stuff. I thought it was fairly innocuous stuff, until somehow he swung around and banged his head HARD on the corner of ledge of the seats. Bad mom that I was, I tried to shush him at first, but when his screaming only got louder, we hightailed it out of there, only to discover our son was BLEEDING. Yeah, we snuck in to see the end after we got the bleeding to stop (it wasn’t really that much), me holding my huge 4 year old while he snuffled, but we missed the big race. Oh well, good excuse to buy it, huh?

    We also chose a matinee, which was practically sold out. Let’s just say it’s a good thing that baby was delivered surround sound, ’cause otherwise nobody would have heard a word among all the bedlam!

  6. I haven’t dared take my kids yet. Good thing my oldest has a job with a theater so she and my son could go for free.

  7. No Fair, Wing, you had three adults AND P fell asleep?? Man, you got it made! Just for fun, why dont you give D and P a Coke and a bag of M&M’s, borrow a baby, and go alone!? Let me know how that works!! HA ha hahaa! By the way, I keep meaning to call you- J did give me your message… I’ll try Monday…

    Em, fear not, I hear the teens are easier with boys, and, well, nothing to be now now!

    Wiz and Heather- Im so glad my Monkey wasn’t the only one swinging from the railing or rolling down the aisle- and while we did all have to make an exodus to pee, we managed to get out of there with no blood spilled!

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