Stephen King’s Thrift Store

Mr. King would turn the new thrift store up the street into some sort of Needful Things novel, and he would undoubtedly do a much better job painting a word picture than I will, but I have to try anyway.

Last night I went to check out the new place, always in the market for cheap dress shirts for my Monkeys. When I walked in, the place just felt, well, weird. I kept thinking- weird…Weird. It was an older building, but recently had been refaced and painted white- everything inside was white- shiny, new, bright white. But it smelled old, musty and aged, like the pages of an old book. Like a thrift store. The contrast was, weird.

As I walked around, I was startled to see really old stuff. Things that in other thrift stores, you see marked Vintage, and marked way up. Clothes my grandmother wore when I was a small child, things I’ve seen in faded photographs from when my mother was young, caftans and hot pants and beaded cocktail gowns- seriously vintage stuff- at 1971 prices- $2 here, 50 cents for something else… Strange. And it was really old stuff- things you could put on e-Bay and get a fortune for. There were records, 45’s, comic books, all looking resonably new- but they were 30 or 40 years old. I found two “Light Bright” games from when I was a kid- still in the box, marked $2.00. I would have bought one, but where would I get the black paper? Strange.

Everything about the place was “out of time”- the music over the speakers was oldies- Jefferson Airplane, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Santana- I just kept shaking my head to try and clear the cobwebs.

There were plates and dishes from my grandma’s when I was young, there were baby clothes made of organza and obviously handmade. Little dresses, again handmade, smocked and immaculate, for $1.99. The fabric was old, but they were all clean and pressed. Weird. The books were old, like from the WWII era, and there was a lot of surplus-like stuff, but all from bygone times- like someone cleaned out storage lockers from 1955… Electro typewriters for $15, big, bonnet hairdryers for $5.00, and a desk lamp I almost bought that looked like something from Ed Harris’ desk in Apollo 13.

I kept walking around marveling at the strangeness. I picked up a dress shirt for Eric, and when I went to pay, the checker-girl was reading. She was reading “Go Ask Alice”. Out of place, out of time. Weird.

7 thoughts on “Stephen King’s Thrift Store

  1. Wierd but COOL! I can never find anything from before the late 70’s when I go thrift-shopping. I hope it was still 2006 when you stepped out of the store!

  2. I was with you until I read the words “clean and pressed.” That is really, really bizarre.

    We haven’t found a good thrift store here yet, after six years. Even the one I used to donate things to moved to somewhere I can’t locate.

  3. JACKPOT TRACY!!! I experience the same thing in thrisf stores in Montana. Things that you would have been bought up right quick in california and even colorado and marked way up in the “vintage cool stores” were abundant in these thrift stores. My advice…and this is just coming from me…go sift through and find some cool stuff…just thats just coming from me…the vintage junk hound. i love that weird feeling too…its hard to find these days. so many thrift stores now grab a pile of junk, put it in a bag and try to sell it for 5 bucks. its kind of fun to see what you get, but takes the fun out of sifting. anywho…so jealous! love, chels

  4. The whole way throgh, I kept thinking, “Man, Chels would LOVE this place!” and I was looking for wedding presents!

    Mama Darlin’- I could hear the music as I walked through, too!

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