Cheap Sunglasses

My daughter is bringing out something surprising in me: I am softening towards things pink and, maybe, just maybe, I am enjoying, a little bit more than I used to, being a girl.

Yesterday, I wore a pink sweater to church- a big deal, since my wardrobe consists mostly of black, white and gray. I also wore heels, a pencil skirt and my hair up- what gives? I actually felt kinda pretty. Oh, and the topper- pink rhinestone sunglasses I got at the dollar store! Oh-yeah! What’s happening to me!?? It was fun, and many of my friends complimented me- I think they were just coveting the sunglasses, but whatever. (Oh and the sweater came from Stephen King’s Thrift Shop!)

I’ve always wanted to be more adventurous than I am. To have the courage to be less than ordinary. My wild curly hair has kind of forced a crazy look on me, but I always wanted to be more Carrie than Charlotte. So now that I have a daughter, I am aware of how I feel about being a woman and mother is going have a direct bearing on how she learns and see’s herself. It is also causing me to re-examine my own relationship with my mother, and try and cull the good things worth keeping, but that’s another idea for another day.

It’s not that I want my daughter to think she has to be made-up and in a pink rhinestone sweater to be feminine. Not at all. But I’m thinking I have been kind of lopsided in my femininity- my intellect is nurtured, by creativity is nurtured, but I often neglect the parts of being a girl that can be fun, too. I can read Goethe and Dostoevsky, run my own business, be woman of faith, a mother, a wife AND sometimes sport pink rhinestone sunglasses. Here’s to breaking down our own barriers, whimsey and being well-rounded!

6 thoughts on “Cheap Sunglasses

  1. I would love to see the sunglasses, too!

    This was a fun post for me to read. I’ve been going through a similar softening towards things feminine, similar to what you wrote about. But mine was due to the addition of another boy instead of a girl. Fun to read about someone else’s expereinces with a similar thing.

  2. Those tiny girls pull you in with the soft skin and pink cheeks. Just when you think you will be able to dress them in ruffles forever……they want to be 13!!!

    I want to see the sunglasses too.

  3. Ok, ok…! Trying to figure out how best to capture their magesty, and then get the picture out of the camera and into the computer…
    hmmmmm….. give me few….

  4. I think you make a fabulous and important point. I know that I, along with lots of others, feel guilty indulging in the “fun” aspects of being a girl because we so badly want to be taken seriously… and we’re scared that if we let on for a moment that we enjoy fun, silly, non-utilitarian things, then our cover is blown. I think I will wear some pink tomorrow myself!

  5. SOMETIMES wear pink rhinestone sunglasses?! Sometimes?! Baby, if I had those I’d wear them constantly, sunny or not!
    I’ve had this talk with my pals, and they decided that I’m the only prissy punk they know. I’m not saying you personally want to be either prissy OR punk, just that it is possible to strike a balance.
    I loved you in the capris and T at the BBQ, a pair of saddle shoes and you’ve got the look NAILED!!

  6. Mo- it’s funny you should say that… DH calls those sunglasses my Mo-glasses, made especially for hanging out with you!

    Em- yeah, this something I’m just starting to figure out- and my tiny girl is teaching it to me!

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